Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Accident :(

So sorry guys! Been very busy recently with work and new apartment. Plus new place don’t have internet yet! Yup, this is the third week. I will not elaborate what happen again but sufficient to say that I have made up my mind to write an official complaint letter to all parties. Initially I thought to just let it go but this is a gross inefficiency and waste of consumer money! So, yup, definitely going to complain all the way to the top and request for compensation for expenses incurred and grievances. I don’t care how long it will take as long as I get rebate for the 3weeks internet that I didn’t get to use but still have to pay, telephone bills, petrol and emotional anxiety that they caused. Yah, don’t mess with me! Hhmppf!

Actually, this was not the only anxiety that I had last weekend. Babe was involved in self-accident on his way back from work! He skidded and fell off his bike! When he came back on Saturday from work around 1pm, I just finished cooking lunch and am expecting him to be home. So, when I heard the grill lock open, I went to open the door for him. I saw in his hand his bike windscreen and first word he said was “accident”. I immediately look at him all over, searching for injury. I saw a big tear on his left jeans! Got him in the apartment, he took off his jacket and again I search for wound. Thank god the only place that seems to be suffering the worse was where the jean tear was.

He immediately requested to go to the clinic. Basically when he said that, I knew he must be in great pain or else he won’t ask that. He can be rather stubborn if he wants to. Since this is a rather new area to us, we had to drive around in search for a more decent clinic. When we found one, we were turned away because the doctor was on house call! The receptionist advised us to go to another clinic nearby on the same row. We immediately showed our puzzled look because we didn’t see any clinic sign on the same row other than this.

So we drove around more slowly and realized the reason we didn’t see it. The clinic looks more like air-conditioned tuck shop with the clinic at the back portion of the shop! Looks pretty sleazy to me but since we are desperate and the wound on babe’s knee look pretty bad, we decided to just let them have a look at it. And guess what, there is no doctor around too. So, in the end the nurse/receptionist clean the wound and bandage babe up. Then gave him some painkiller, anti-swelling and antibiotics.

After that we went home, had lunch and babe slept and woke up at 9pm, ate dinner and then sleep again until next day around noon. Me, by 10am, already cannot sleep and woke up. Clean the apartment abit and then around noon, cook bacon, eggs and sausage for brunch. I was hungry lar but was secretly hoping that the smell of food would wake babe up and share them with me (SMILE). Well, it worked because just before I sit down to eat, he came out of the room and say that he also want whatever I am having in double portion! After brunch, we laze around the living room watching Robotech cartoon marathon on the computer. It is a nice cartoon by the way for those that don’t know what this is. I remember watching them when I was a kid in primary school but watching them again now, I realized that I do not understand them much when I was a kid.

Anyway, around 3-4pm, we decided to take a drive to Kepong to try and find the wet market and Giant supermarket. After turning round and round, we almost drive all the way to KL via Jalan Ipoh! But at least I found the dimsum stall at side of the road at Jalan Ipoh. Planning to go there this weekend if babe is up to it. Then we turn around to drive back end up taking the wrong turning which makes us go the really long way to go back, i.e. thru the Damansara toll and come out at LDP, just before the 1U building. So, since we are there, babe say lets go 1U. I was hoping to find to wet market to buy some fish actually.

I think we left 1U around 5-6pm. I keep on asking babe whether he alright or not. Leg pain or not, etc! I even told him to sit outside the supermarket while I go hunt for the groceries but stubborn him say he is alright and no pain! (I wonder if the adrenaline still rushing and hence no pain yet?). Anyway, I bought my toaster oven (finally! Hehehe) and a great big cleaver that I been eyeing on. Then went home to cook dinner. By the time we reached home, we realized that babe knees is bleeding slightly through the bandage!! And he still say no pain. But I can’t do anything since I didn’t want to open the bandage and cause more damage.

On Monday, during lunchtime, went home, pick babe up and we went to the first clinic that we went to on Saturday since that place looks more reputable and cleaner! This is when we were told that the antibiotic help babe much with his knee injury as it is for cough!!! At this point, we really tempted to go back there and scold but decided not to. (Instead, I will just scold here: *$%$%!% ggrrrrrrrrrr). So babe have MC till Wednesday and he have to go back to the clinic again then to clean the wound and bandage it again. That is when the doctor will decide if he will need more MC. The way I see it, I think he will have the whole week off!!

Anyway, babe is at home now, lazing around and enjoying the feeling of being at home where as everyone else is at work! I love that feeling! Planning to go back around 5.30pm today just in case there are more roadblocks and bad traffic jam again. Don’t want to take the risk especially since the debate on the fuel hike will be on tonight. Too bad we don’t have any tv yet or else can watch the news! I wonder what outcome is expected from this debate. Personally, I think this is a waste of time because I feel not much will come out of it lor….But then, that just my opinion. What will actually happen, we will only know tomorrow! Eh friends, if tomorrow holiday, remember to sms me ah! Hahahaha (wishful thinking!)

Nevermind, daydreaming better than nothing. What to cook tonite? Hhhmm.....

p/s: I finally did scold babe for driving too fast after everything gone and done with. He ah, tell me, he accident not because drive too fast but because too slow. He thinks me three year old ah?? hhmppff...Tonite go back scold again. Oh yah, lucky his jacket thick or else sure even more road rash! When we went back from the clinic on Saturday, upon checking the damages to his jacket, we saw that the seam on both side of his jacket all open and the cotton inside showing! Imagine if he had been wearing the normal thin sweater. I think he will end up hospitalised! Thank God he just got away with knee injury and minor scrap and bruises on other parts of his body!! Cannot, tonite go back must nag again! hhmpff!!!


Dav DiDi said...

Well... so nice!! get to be at home... but, oppss, sorry to hear that ....

Jen's Place said...

Hi Didi,
I also envy him! Can stay at home and got good excuse not to help me with the housework! hhmpfff!

Nick Phillips said...

Oh my god. I'm glad he's ok. Tell him to be a little more careful since he's riding a bike. And yes, you go scold him some more tonight ... LOL!

Sumuk said...

Hi Jen,
I read u guys planned to register 08.08.08 right? So how is it going? Manage to book the date? I can imagine Registrar Office would be so full that day. Very special date :)

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Babe just got the managed to get the internet working (YAHOO!!). So, wont scold him for now but that dont mean I wont nag at him for a long long long time!!!!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Sumuk,
Actually with all the busy-ness of settling down at the new job and new place, we have not even check with the registrar office!~!!! But actually wont be signing at the registrar bcos was told that we need to change the address in our IC to the address here. So much hassle. Most likely just use Chinese Association. More expensive but less hassle!
Hei, if not mistaken, u pun getting married kan? When?^_^

Sumuk said...

Haha!! That's y i can remember ur plan for 888. Cos our engagement will be on that very day too! Huhu cant wait. Wedding dont have any date yet. You guys got a date already?

I found out about this forum malaysiabrides.com/forum. Its a very informative forum, all the members are very helpful. So if u need any info, try asking around fr them. Cu there!

Rose said...

Glad that ur babe is okay.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Sumuk,
Yar, I think alot of ppl plan to be on that day if getting engage/married this year. Err...our 080808 is getting legally married. The ceremony, tunggu lar..maybe next yr. Or do wat some of my colleagues do, when they wanna have kids, then they do ceremony! hahaha

Thanks for the tip. Will keep tat as one of my useful links here.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
I am glad too!! But that wont stop me from nagging him (HMMPFF!)..

Billy's Mom said...

Glad your babe was okay, Jen. That was scary.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,
I am glad too. He is still on MC by the way! Amazing or not? The doctor said the wound not so dry yet, so want him to have one more day of rest today. So, dia kat rumah, I suruh iron seluar sendiri untuk keja esok, he say dont want! So lazy!!!