Monday, July 7, 2008


Finally, a place that we can call “OUR PLACE”. I tell you, the first time babe said ‘our place’ to me in our conversation, the feeling I had then was indescribable! Nothing is more wonderful than finally having a place that we can freely do whatever we want no matter what the time is. I think some of you out there might be able to relate to what I am saying. The reluctant feeling to leave home to go to work in the morning. The anxiousness and excitement to go back at night. Thinking of what to cook for dinner and what to do after that. Deciding between getting the toaster oven now or the rice cooker first. Wondering if the rectangle table with four chairs can fit into the dining room. Constant daydreaming about going home (yup, it is finally called home!) to be with babe.

We promised ourselves that we would not go out the whole this week, including weekend. Instead, we will spend time cleaning up the apartment. Need to sort through all the things that we semi-hazardly packed into the boxes, luggage bags, plastic bags and paper bags! Abit frustrated yesterday when we realized that we can’t find some of the stuff that we need without going through numerous piles of items. Now, the store room and the spare bedroom looks like the hurricane just went through it. Babe already sms just now to say that we need to sort out the things abit.

Still feeling tired from the long flight actually. My colleagues agreed that it is easier to adjust when you are there than when you come back. Well, to be honest, I did enjoy the trip but I just wish that it is longer so that I can fully enjoy it instead of just two days which were ACTUAL WORK full day. Basically, there were no sightseeing at all and I only get one hour plus shopping trip at the mall before going off to the airport. But despite that, I did manage to get some stuff! LOL! I found this shop at the mall where everything is US$8.98 and less. So, what a gal does when she see that? But I did control myself because essentially, US$8.98 still means RM30.

What I bought? Let me see, 1 jeans and 1 short pants for babe, 1 jeans, 1 work pants and 1 spaghetti straps for me. Yar, I control myself really really really really hard! But that 5 pieces of clothing, after convert, mean spent RM150 already! I am wearing the work pants now. Althought it is cheap, I find the quality not bad. Even the jeans looks sturdy and strong. My colleagues were teasing me when I told them the price. But I think it’s not bad. After all, it is Sarah Jessica Parker line of clothing!! *GRIN!* Wait till I have the mood, I will snap some photos and show you guys. No promises but I will try lar!

Let me see, what else did I get! Oh yah, jelly beans, chocolate coated gummy bears and chocolate coated pretzel. Have not tried them yet. Don’t know nice or not but since I spend US$15+ on them, should be pretty good right? Also, on the way back, at the Taipei airport, bought some iron eggs (centurion eggs lar!U think is what eggs????) and dried scrimp. Finally, at KLIA, bought the duty free liquor requested by babe. Don’t remember what was the name but it was whisky and recommended by the lady there. She said that it is a 13 yr old whisky, special edition and can only buy from duty free shop. So, I got it lor instead of the usual black label that babe wanted. Also bought a bottle of bailey, chocolate mint flavor. Can’t wait for an occasion to open that and try it!

Ok, enough for now. I think my brain still abit frozen by the chilly weather in US and on the plane! So, I better stop here before I start to mumble incoherently. MUCKS PPL!!!

p/s: No internet at home yet. Maybe will only get connected next week. So, no posting from home and only minimal in the office! Hence, be patient yah!


Nick Phillips said...

Well congratulations Jen. It really feels so good to have your own place doesn't it? Happy decorating the place. Take it slow and do one thing at a time. I know how exciting it can be wanting to do everything at once ... and welcome back from your trip :D

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
WOW! You are really fast. I think I posted this just about 30min ago?

Thanks for the advice to take it slowly. So tempted to buy everything one go but am going to be so broke at the end of the day (again!). Yup, very glad to be back!!

Billy's Mom said...

Congrats Jen! :-)

Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,
Congrats? err..for the new apt yah? I tot congrats for buying cheap stuff in US! hahahaha