Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lunch Date?

Good morning. It is now 8 in the morning and I have been in the office for more than 45minutes. Yup, here since 7.15am. Nope, no meeting at 8am or anything like that. Babe finally starts work after EIGHT days of MC and since he has not send his bike for checking after the accident, we thought better for him to drive my car. So, he sent me to work first and then he goes to his. AND since he starts work at 8am, no choice but for me to go to office super early lor.

I don't really mind actually because it gave me extra time in the day to do my own stuff. Initially thought I will sit at McDonald and enjoy my breakfast while reading my books. On a book called The Historian by Elizabeth Kostava, very good book! Really worth it especially since I bought it a Tesco book fair for less than RM10. Anyway, decided not to do that today because I remembered that one of the colleagues promised us tomyam fried beehoon for breakfast and another colleague will be bringing us nasi lemak for lunch!

So, the lunch is here since the colleague also usually arrive at the office before 8am. We had this nasi lemak before and really love the taste. The rice taste very coconut-ty and bursting with flavors. The side condiments are of course the red hot sambal. It is the sweet sour spicy type of sambal which as usual, abit too spicy for me. But my other colleagues love it. The portion is fantastic though and really worth it for RM1.50!

Nasi Lemak still steaming hot

My nasi lemak
(hahahaha...notice the difference? Yup, NO SAMBAL! I will take a quarter spoonful or maybe less from my colleague later! grin!!!!!)


dumb-baker said...

oh my god...u r making me hungry...pakcik pakcik...mana u?? saya mau nasi lemak!!!!!!!!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Baker,
HAHA! I just finished my breakfast of fried beehoon+noodle. No more tomyam beehoon. Wahh so full! Taste exactly like those that we used to eat when we are school kids, you know, the type we get from the canteen...