Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shall I? Can I? Should I?

Shall I or shall I not? If I get, it will mean that I will need to allocate a lot of time and energy to my little babies but could I really afford to do that? I mean, I am already feeling so tired after work, cook & clean after that big panda of mine. Even last night, I was feeling dizzy for no reason at all but I still keep doing whatever I am doing as I am not the kind of person to fuss unless really sick or pengsan (faint) :P Yar I am stubborn! And I have not even mention the financial burden, the responsibilities, restriction to freedom and so on.

On the other hand, when I see others with their babies, will it be worth it? Seeing those cute adorable little faces starting up with their huge adorable little eyes. Everyday going back from work seeing them greet you as if you are their world and God. Listening and trying their best to please you so that you are happy because they are happy when you are happy. But silly little babies doesn’t know that you are willing do to almost anything to make sure that they are happy too because you are happy when the babies are happy!

So, shall I or shall I not? Shall I get us a little pet? What were you guys thinking? Real life human babies??? Geez! As if! I am engaged but not married yet ok! Am thinking of those tiny toy dogs, shih tzu or chiwawa or pekingnese. They really don’t need much space and don’t eat that much and yet, they are so affectionate, naughty but obedient at the same time. But dogs will need more maintenance and cleaning up. Since the dog will be staying in door, then they need to be bath every 2-3days. And dry and comb their fur.

Or maybe I should get a cat, you know those Persian long hair type? Those are very affectionate as well but cats will require less maintenance since they are cleaner and don’t need to take bath so often. But cats are more ‘gentle’ compare to dogs. I really prefer those cuddly and nice to hug type. ARGGH! Babe say no dogs or cat as pet. Just get fish or tortoise! I ask him those two pet can hold and hug? Can I pet the fish or tortoise and get a affectionate and cute reaction from them? Can I chase them around the apartment? Can I bring them for walks that I know we will both enjoy.

You know what he said? He say CAN!! Fish, take out from tank give it a pat and put it back! Tortoise even easier to pat and got reaction some more he say, they lean to one side when you rub their shell. Want to bring them for walks, of course can. Put the fish in a cup and bring for walk lor!! Race them around the apartment? Tortoise, no competition, because you will always win! GGRRR!!!!!! KEK SI!!!

But I understand why he don’t want a pet and eventhough I am so tempted, I know I have to control myself. Especially since we plan to get married end of the year, then have babies (real human babies lar ok!) in a year or two. In my mind, cats or dogs don’t really mix well with babies or young children. Not very hygienic especially with all the fur flying around from the animal. Some more, what if we need to relocate again, or go back to Kuching, what will happen to the cat or dog? We can ship them back with us but all the hassle, paperwork, quarantine and not to mention the cost!

I guess for now, I will just have to be satisfied with the big panda that I have at home and pamper him instead. Or borrow someone’s dog to play with and return to them when my craving is temporarily satisfied? Or perhaps I can offer to babysit their dogs when they have to go travelling or vacation? Free of charge. Just need to provide me their dogfood and leash! Eh, of course, the dog must be house train one ah then I will babysit. Or else the owner will need to clean my apartment at the end of the day! OMG! I do sound desperate don’t I??

In the meantime, share this cute cute panda pic that RK send to me via email:

Pandas say: Play time

Panda says: Don't hurt me

Panda says: That is soooo funny!

Panda says: This dqmmn strin.g wun break

Panda says:Does the milk taste funny to you?

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