Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More mumbling about SLEEPLESSNESS!

I am in my hotel room now and it is 11pm(Tues) US-time and 2pm (Wed). Planning to go to bed in another half time or else I will end up being super blur when I go to the office tomorrow at 9am. Yup, we still need to go to work at the US-office like normal eventhough we are suppose to visit the vendor tomorrow afternoon and will be leaving for the airport to fly back tomorrow night. Am not looking forward to the long trip back (sigh)!

Still feeling very tired as I only sleep an hr on the plane. The next time any1 envy me for going to US for such a short trip, i will tell them no need to envy. 5 days, only 2 days in US and the rest of the time in airport/plane. Let me see,
Home to Airport = 1 hr
KLIA waiting = 3hrs (Reached airport early bcos the driver drove reli fast)
KLIA - TW = 4.5hrs
TW Airport transit = 3hrs
TW to San Francisco = 11hours
San Francisco drive to Santa Clara = 0.5 hours
TOTAL = 24hours
And I woke up at 6.30am on Monday, mean that 6.30am to 12noon = 5.5hours

Total 28.5hours??? And then after we check-in at 10pm, we went for late supper and only got back at 11pm. I only finally sleep at 1am after checking my mails and going online to catch up with my work. So, honestly, the next person that tells me they envy me taking long flight by plane to US, I will make sure that I told them that they are crazy!

Anyway, let me share some pictures of my hotels with you. I really like it as it is really big. And I absolutely LOVE the weather here! Summer but so cooling and deliciously chilly! Even now, I didn't on the aircon but instead, open the sliding door leading to the balcony. I will definitely miss this weather when I go back! Ok, enough loso from me, here are pic:

The Hotel
Double story chalet style. Some rooms has two bedrooms and some only one (like mine)

The view from the door of the room

Each suite have private kitchen complete with EVERYTHING. I want my kitchen to look like this!!!!

Kitchen even have oven. In the cupboard there are knives, eating and cooking utensils, measuring cup and so on

Fridge, dish washer and Microwave

King Size Bed and 5 pillows!ALL FOR ME ALONE! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Popcorn, instant decaf coffee and coffee for the coffee pot, hot choc, salt & pepper shaker. YAP, I took everything except the salt & pepper of course! hehehe

Grocery List if you want the hotel to help stock your kitchen for you

I guess all I can say is that, the next time the company wants to sent me here for a longer trip, a few weeks maybe, I don't mind staying here again. ( I am not sure babe will agree with me on this though! hahaha!) The service is great and the place is fantastic! Thanks to Marriot Residence Inn at Santa Clara, it has made my super short trip memorable.


Dav DiDi said...

chaborrr..i still envy you .. coz u get to go someplace and touch your feet there ...

Jen's Place said...

HA? I like the part being in US but I hate the flight unless they put me in business or first class!! Was suppose to travel business class lar but fully booked! So, had to go for economy..sigh!!!

Billy's Mom said...

I hate the long flight too. And can you imagine travelling on long flight with little kids.... aduh sengsara. And jetlag lagi. Normally it would take about a week or so to get the jetlag off.
It's Thursday afternoon right now, you probably are getting ready for your trip back....wuaaahh! Have a nice trip Jen!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,
Actually I left on the 1.40am flight from San Francisco. And now, I am on the internet at the Taipei airport waiting for my connecting flight! Got 4 hrs to kill..