Thursday, July 31, 2008

What? HUH!? WHAT?????

Guess what? Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! hahaha! I truly live for the weekends and am looking forward to every Fridays because I know the next two days I will not have to wake up to the blaring of the loud noisy alarm from the handphone. I know that I can wake up early if I want to and laze around the living room doing nothing much. Of course, I will have more time for my books and take my time to cook/bake or whatever! Yeah! Definitely looking forwards to weekends.

It is not because I don't enjoy the work I am doing now. In fact, I am starting to really enjoy coming to work and looking forward to meeting up with my colleagues. After three and half months working here (gosh! It been that long! Quarter of a year!), I have starts to be more open and makes friends, know what people are talking about when they discuss certain work related items. You know, basically adapting and assimilating the new surroundings.

So far, I think it has been ok. Although I do still get calls from headhunters on and off, I am not looking to move from this job anytime soon unless a super good and irresistible opportunity presents itself to me! In fact, I am even lazy to look at the job vacancies page in The Star which we buy every Saturday. Babe is also that way although he do glance at it abit just to see if there is anything interesting. Hhmmm..does that mean that we are finally settled down from my relocation? I sure hope so!

So, now, would be looking forward, enjoy private time with just babe and I. Actually we are looking to fill the house with some furniture and I am all into getting second hand stuff like sofas and dining set. But babe, as usual, prefer to get better quality NEW stuff. But my argument is that why spend more on something that we can pay half or less of the original price and yet still get the same good quality items. Although it is used items, but then, frankly speaking, I really do not see the problem.

Of course, if it hygienic reason such as mattresses, I will totally agree that it must be new. But things like sofa with washable covers and dining table, well, why not right? Actually, I did find a used sofa on The advertised items description is something like this:

1 year old Ikea sofa - Klippan model
Beige color - washable cushion covers
Hardly used - in bedroom
Free - Ikea dark brown sofa blanket

I managed to get the price negotiated to RM300 but exclude delivery of course. Intend to go to the house to view the item and check the condition. The original price in Ikea catalogue is RM549 and it comes in black or beige. The catalogue also provide the dimension as W180×D88, H69cm. And if I do decide to get it, how in the world am I going to transport the thing back to my apartment from Damansara Perdana (which I have no idea at all where it is!).

Gosh, need to show babe the picture first and then ask him if he want to go see it this weekend. No way we can go at night to have a look especially since we are both not sure of the place. I hope there are some miracle and babe will agree to go with me. So lazy want to argue with him lar. Or maybe I should tell him after I got him his surprise? Hhhhmm.. I won't tell you guys what it is. *GRIN*

Only RK and SK knows for now. It was actually RK's suggestion or else my confused old brain might not have thought of it at all. Actually, I was confessing to RK that in our busy-ness and so many things clogging my mind, i.e. for my relocation, find our own place, obg and settling down, not to mention being engaged and living together now, I guess we forgot about pampering us and each other.

I am so excited! Can't wait to see his face when he see the surprise I prepare for him! Sssshhh! Not going to tell you what.....yet! Maybe will tell you guys more next week! bluek!! Ok, I better stop now, almost time to start work. MUCKS!!! and HUGS!!!!!



Rose said...

It is fun to go hunting around for the apartment right? Enjoy your weekend.....

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Hahaha! Would have been even more fun if I have abundant fund to shop with! hehehe

U have a great wkend too dear

Nick Phillips said...

Hey Jen, it's good to see you and your babe finally able to settle down from all the hustle and bustle you guys had looking for a place and all that :D

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
I am glad too because I will have more time to make/bake/cook now and post up more drooling delicious goodie! *nodding nodding nodding*