Thursday, July 17, 2008

Traffic jam AGAIN! HHMPFF!!

I really don’t know what in the world are we doing. I left for work earlier than usual this morning hoping to avoid jam but it turn out that I arrived work later than usual! The jam was really bad this morning and upon turning on the radio, the traffic reporter told us that there are again roadblocks! Like I said, what in the world are we doing? Are we anticipating some kind of monstrous gigantic demonstration or something? Come on!! As if we are not stress enough having to wake up early to go to work. We have to face the unnecessary jam!

I was lucky that I am staying nearer to work now but still, what normally takes me 20minutes, took me more than 45minutes today! And I think I am very lucky because my colleagues needed almost two hours to arrive work, fighting through all the jam. I do understand that this is a precaution taken due to the ..ermm..not so rested political situation now and I do not grudge them for having to do roadblocks. But why in the world do we need to have roadblocks during the most peak traffic! They think those demonstrators no need to go to work one ah? Don’t have bosses that they have to report to? OK, I am being naïve and maybe demonstrating is ‘work’ to them but they can’t all have those special jobs right?

I am normally very mild mannered and pleasant gal (cute too! Don’t forget that!BLUEK!) but it irks me to see our time wasted like this. And I also normally don’t like to get involve in politics much but can’t help myself. Our political arena is turning into a big drama series with lots of climax and surprises. To be frank, I don’t even dare to ask my friends overseas what they think because I am pretty sure that we are the joke of the world now, giving every a good big laugh! I wonder when will all this end and let everyone goes on with their life already. So, the petrol price goes up, we complain, we moan and groan and then we get on with our lives lar! What else do you expect to do? Miracle that the price will actually go down by RM0.50? Pleasant dream but time to wake up!

Eiks! I better stop or else I might get more than a tap on the hand for speaking my mind. Anyway, babe is still at home. He is still on MC! That means that he on sick leave for 5 days!! Whole week off, sleeping till noon everyday! But good also he is at home. I just have to sms back to him and ask him to take out food from the freezer for dinner tonite. Then by the time I got home, already defrost liaw. Or else, usually I will have to soak them in water when I go back to speed up the defrosting process. Not so good ler. Nutrient lost to the water! Already asked him to take out the fish for tonight dinner by the way *smirk & wink*

Already told babe that I will cook cabbage with oyster sauce and fry the fish for dinner. That plus the mushroom chicken soup last night should be enough lar. If not, then I will just pop some chicken nugget into the toaster, less oily (and less cleaning) than using deep fry! Hehehe! Babe say he is eating burger patty with gardenia white bread wor now. I am so jealous! Sms him whether he did extra or not for me tonight, so far he no response. I wonder if he gone back to sleep again. Still thinking if I want to cook chicken rice this weekend and do some tempura onion rings and stuff. Just hope babe won’t ask me to do the chicken drumstick wrap with bacon again. Not healthy lar, all those oil!

Maybe I should just do steam chicken with white rice instead. Healthier choice bah…. YAH RIGHT! No way, will cook all out full authentic chicken rice, i.e. rice cook with chicken broth, chilli with garlic and lime and those thick soya sauce! Oooooh, must remember to make salted vegetable soup as well. And get the baby kalian, boil and toss with fried shallots, olive oil and oyster sauce. That should compliment the chicken rice very well! Alamak, am I making you guys drool? Don’t worry, I will remember to take pictures of the gleaming juicy chicken with the sexy rice and delicious baby kalian that is all accompanied by the steaming hot soup! HEHEHEEHE I AM BAD! BLUEK!


Dav DiDi said...

Post some more for me to read .. pleaseeeeeeeee

Jen's Place said...

wah didi,
u think i am story book writer ah? hahaha..

Nick Phillips said...

Thank god I didn't get stuck in that horrendous traffic snarl. That's what you get when people voted for those clowns in the government. It's their way of creating chaos and blaming it on the opposition but then we all know that already, right? I hope it doesn't happen again cos don't the Police have more important work to do than man roadblock?

Jen's Place said...

Don't the Police have more important work to do than man roadblock? <--I think they dont have lor! Or perhaps they are just mindless human like robot that does what their superior's superior's superior's superior'ssuperior's superior's superior's superior tells them to do....