Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Unreliability of TMPoint

It is 7.54am and I am in the office. Nope, there is no weekly conference call meeting, it was canceled since we had our big quarterly meeting last week. So, what am I doing at the office so early in the morning? Well, because it was raining. Yup, raining and that is why I am at the office before 7.30am in the morning. What does rain has to do with anything you ask? Well, you see, when it rains, babe can't ride his motorbike to work especially when it rains super heavy like this morning. So, instead, he had to take my car. And since I had no idea what the taxi number is, he sent me to work first before he goes to work all the way at Klang!

I don't mind actually because he drives me all the way up to the doorstep of the office building. So, that saves me the 10minutes walk (although I definitely need the exercise! Gosh, maybe I should go swimming later). And also, I get to go online and blog without feeling guilty since it is not officially office hours yet. We were actually planning for me to take the cab and babe the car if it rains. But since we not yet look for the number to call. So, today mission would be to get a taxi number so that I can call them to pick me up if it rains. hehehe!

As mentioned, I can't blog from home yet since the internet not connected. Speaking of this, it just got me really mad! Actually, I went to the TMPoint just before I goes off for my trip last Monday. The lady at the service counter where I submitted my form promised me that it will take only one week to get connected again. After coming back on Friday, babe mentioned that no technician call him yet to get the line installed. So, off we went to TMPoint personally to ask since babe said that it is pointless to call the helpline.

When we got there, there are at least 8 people in queue in front of us and it took about half hour before it was our turn. I got babe to ask the lady at the counter all the questions since I think he look more fierce than me! (HEHE!). We can see that the lady was really flabbergasted and anxious. She called somewhere once and then suddenly disappeared into the back room, leaving babe and I waiting there for at least 20minutes while she try to get it sorted out.

After 20min, she came out, apologise and informed us that the technician is not reachable at the moment as it was already after 5.30pm. She promised us that she will make sure that the technician contact us first thing on Monday (which was yesterday) to arrange for a time to install the line AFTER office hours. But they didn't call! So, I will be calling the customer service up later to give them a piece of my mind and ask if they will be providing me rebate for the delay! Gosh, and this reminds me to go online and look for the number to call.


Rose said...

All I can say my friend, be patient!! :)

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Too late! Oredi exploded at them :P