Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Habits & Reincarnation - Power of Love!

Yesterday, while we were shopping at Tesco, I was checking out the price of a certain brand of ladies pad that I bought at warehouse sales at the ground floor of our office building the other. Just want to make sure that we got our value for money bah. It is a brand that I have never used before but my friends told me that it is not bad. Plus, it was really cheap apparently, so I thought, since cheap, buy lar. (I know I know, girls. Buy anything even if don’t need as long as cheap and at a bargain!) Anyway, this is not the story I want to tell you lar.

While I was looking around, I realised that there is a guy is looking up and down, with a trolley, a list in his hand and speaking very softly into his handphone. Normally, this is nothing surprising since we are at a hypermarket and there are men that shops for groceries. But what caught my attention is the guy is actually shopping for pad! Yup, he was checking the brand name and so forth in the same aisle as me, trying to look as ordinary as possible I suspect while discreetly as whoever it is on the line which type to get!

Wah!! I really envy the lady on the line that he is talking to (I assume it is lady lar!). I mean how many guys out there will willingly go to the store and help his gf/wife get pad???? I think not many. I can see many gals head bobbing and nodding agreeing with me on this. I bet you all, well most of you, will agree with me that you will sayang (love) your hubby/bf even more if he willingly agrees to help you go to the store and buy your pad/ tampon!? Haha! But alas, there are not many such men out there! I am not even sure my babe will do that for me. I won’t even bother to ask him lar. Waste my time to ask and hear him say no.

I am really having a hard time getting my babe to help me around the house actually. What more to say go to the store to buy that! In fact, was comparing notes with RK about his hubby and my babe. We found out that men are generally the same, soooo MESSY!! He never put things back to where he takes them from. For example, house key, we come back wherever, he will open the door, goes in, lock the door and dump the keys on the table instead of hanging it at the hook designed for the purpose of hanging up the keys! And sometimes, he don’t even remember where he puts them and of course, I will be the mangsa (victim) to be asked to look for it! Geez! How not to nag like this?

And then hor, they seems to like to leave their used cups and plates wherever they like, specifically, where the tv or computer are. When there are no longer any cups or plates in the kitchen, only then, they will remember to bring it to the kitchen. And when nagged about it, they will bring it to the kitchen and proceed to dump it in the kitchen sink. Wahhh! Where is the housemaid? Usually, when I complained about this or nag, he will say, “You didn’t ask me to do ler”. Geram or not???? Kek si or not???? Of course, he will say this while grinning his goofy grin and makes all my anger melts away! At times, I just too frustrated and lazy to nag some more. So instead, I will do them myself lor!

So, now, my apartment toilet is super dirty and messy. The living room have so many things lying around on, under and near the coffee table. Recently, I simply cannot tahan already and dump all those things into a basket and each time he leave the things OUTSIDE the basket after use, I will sigh super loud and take the offensive item, and put it back into the basket. So far, he seems to take the hint. So, perhaps, I shouldn’t nag anymore. Instead, should use reverse psychology? But at times, it is really hard not to nag lor! What to do, who ask me to sayang him so much that I am willingly turning two blind eyes at his fault? Sigh….

Eight years plus wor! Some people actually asked me, not boring so long already. I will always say nope, not at all. Actually, we still feel like we just start dating but minus all the nervousness and worry of rejection. In fact, I think even the next 50 years together might still be too short. If there is such thing as reincarnation, I would willingly reincarnate back many lifetime as long as each lifetime is with him. Silly hor?


Nick Phillips said...

LMAO! Send your babe to me and let me talk to him. After I'm done, he will be doing household chores willingly just like me ... :D

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Send my babe to u? Sure sure! When, where and how much? hahaha!

Rose said...

tell u, my man ever help me buy diaper for little gal, but not my pad!!! However got one time that he got free sanitary pad for buying my gal's diaper and the salesgal was giggling when hand the free pad pack to him. :p he just smile sheepily, he said. Unfortunately i wasnt there to witness it. hahaah

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
There is absolutely nothing wrong with guys buying pad right? hahaha..

Ching Ching said...

Envy me, Jen!!

My hubby bought pad for me not only once but several times. Of course, it is during my confinement month. hahaha

Jen's Place said...

Hi Chingx2,
Haiyah, when u are in confinement, dont count ler :P