Friday, July 18, 2008

Bursting like a Hippotamus

I am so stuff and am regretting eating so much during lunch. Well actually, I think it was because I drank too much! You see, our boss treat us to lunch today and it was to a thai restaurant! Almost all the food there is spicy (for me anyway) that I end u finishing 1 cup of pineapple juice and 1 cup of ice water! After that, ate/drink water chestnut with coconut milk dessert some more! The food was great but really too spicy for me. And as you know, dishes like green curry and sweet sour fish goes well with rice. So, overdosed on the rice abit too much as well. So, imagine, water+rice+curry+etc swimming around in my tummy and trying to find space in that little bag. BURP! oops..sorry!

I really feel like groaning and lying on the floor like a beached whale! Maybe I should consider getting myself one of those small pillows to put on my chair to support my back. Since I moved here, I have yet to buy myself a pillow like what I did when I was working in Kuching. Also have not made my office cubicle more homey by putting up some decoration. I guess I am taking my sweat time. Not sure why. Maybe just want to make sure that I will get my confirmation letter first. Not that I have no confident that I will get it but I just want to be sure, you know…

Anyway, the offer letter that I received from company stated that salary will be reviewed upon confirmation based on performance. So, I am very curious and excited to see what kind of increment they will give me. Not expecting parallel increment to our petrol, i.e. 41% but at least a certain percentage that tells me my 3 months plus of head-cracking and hardwork to set up the system in the organization works! And my contributions so far are appreciated. And that I am working above expectation! If they dare to give me a miserable sum of RM100-200 increment, I think I better start considering other options right? Even fresh graduate will not be satisfied with that!

Everything is going up in price. What I budgeted before I decided to accept this position might seems insufficient now. Abit scary actually and really need to make sure that we cut as much unnecessary expenses as possible. Babe was commenting to me that it seems that we are spending more on food since we moved to the new apartment. I admit that I tend to cook too much at times but the intention was so that the food can be recycled for the next day! Theoretically, it is a good plan because it will mean that I do not have to do too much cooking everyday. However, in practice, it still need some fine tuning!

Why do I say that? Well, I always cook for two days portion but some how, after we finished our food and I keep the leftovers, it seems that it will only be enough for ONE person’s meal! Usually, after I cooked, I will just plate everything in one plate. So I guess, if I intend to eat for 2 meals, from now on, I will need to keep half in the container first and just serve half. That way, we will not only be able to control the portion but also our weight! (Which reminds me, better start going to the pool at our apartment! Paid for it liaw right? Why waste?haha)

Already two weeks at the apartment! How time flies! We enjoy and like the place very much. Our bedroom, even without aircon and the fan just at #1, is very cooling. I think it has something to do with the jungle around us and the fact that our apartment is situated on a hilltop. Been cooking everyday since we moved in actually. Enjoying the freedom of doing whatever I want, whenever I want. Not to mention, dress however I want without worrying that it will be insulting to others. And also, sit/ lie wherever I feel like it. I think these are the most liberating things in the world! Hahaha

Planning to go watch movie at The Curve with babe tonight. We have not decided between Hancock and Batman. I prefer Hancock though. It will be something different than the normal superheroes movies that we always seem to never outgrow! Especially babe! You should see his face when Superman movie was out that time! Like a little kid in a grown man body! So excited and can hardly wait to go to the Cineplex and watch. After watching, can see his eyes shining like a 10-year-old! HAHA! Man, never grow up one!

Anyway, still deciding also to eat at home first or just go out and eat. Most likely eat at home lar since want to save money. Watch movie sure will spend another RM20-30. So, better just eat at home! Still got abit of leftover from last night. Some rice too. Maybe will do fried rice with garlic and egg if I am hardworking enough. If babe don’t want, then he eat the plain rice, I will eat the fried leftover rice. I don’t mind. Prefer just put garlic and fry actually without the egg. Eh Didi, suggestions for your, garlic fried rice! Very simple to make but very nice. Just chop garlic finely (a lot of it!) and then fry in oil till fragrant, add rice and salt to taste. If you want, can also add eggs lar but I usually don’t. Prefer it original! Hahaha..

Anyway, share some baked potato pic with you. The potato I bought from Jusco yesterday and we were pleasantly surprised at the buttery soft texture. I used the leftover bacon oil from previous leftover and mix with olive oil and some salt to taste. Lazy to grind the black pepper or else should put some to make it more fragrant!

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