Tuesday, October 28, 2008

God is Testing Me?

Here I am in, in this stupid lonely hotel. I never thought I will say this but I HATE TRAVELING ALONE! The taxi picked me up from the apartment at around 1.30pm. Arrived at LCCT at 2.30pm. Queue to check in for more than half hour because the conveyor belt to scan the bags are jammed for more than 20minutes and another 5minutes before finally my turn. Actual queue at the counter was only about 5minutes! So, only done check in by 3pm.

And AirAsia being what they are, lowcost carrier which promised to reduce delay to below 2hours, DELAYED for about 30minutes. So, I can't claim my RM300 (?). They got us to board the plane at 4.30pm and only took off at 5pm. Half hour in a super crowded plane is no fun at all! To make matter worse, they merged earlier flight going to Penang with the one I am on. So, it is super super crowded. Arrived at the Penang Airport around 5.45pm, took my bag and then taxi. Taxi to hotel cost me RM38. Then another hour to arrive at the hotel, i.e. around 7pm.

Then I discovered that I have to put RM1,400 as deposit and all I had on me was RM900. I also just reduced the limit of my credit card in my effort to control my spending! GGRR!! I was under the impression that this is company trip, so the company should be the one handling all this right!? JIAK LAK! After handing over all the cash I had on me, I realised that I do not have any for my taxi tomorrow and it is already 7.30pm! ARGH!

What do I do? What else can I do? Left my bags in my room and when down to look for ATM lar. The nearest atm do not have MEPS! Only can use for visa! What kind of bank is that? The kind that is for rich rich rich people that I am not (YAR I AM MAD!). So, I walked and asked direction. Then half way through, it hit me that I shouldn't be asking any tom,dick, harry or jane where is the nearest bank! I mean, that would really be asking for trouble right???

So, I thought I just walk. I am bound to find a bank or something somewhere. After a few minutes walk, I can see the Shell station in a distance, about 10min walk. Normally, petrol station will have atm right? So, I walk and walk and walk. To make matter worse, it actually started to rain while I was halfway there! God must be really really testing me. Here I am, in a place that I never been to, and he decided this is the time to throw all the obstacles at me!

I can only say thank god that He is at least protecting me and make sure that nothing bad happens to me. I mean, I practically walked at the side of the road for more than 30minutes - ONE WAY! Some parts of the road are really dark and as I go through them, I was thinking to myself, if anything happens, who shall I blame first? Thank god I was able to find the bank and it happens to be the bank I need as well. I would have settle for any bank at the time as long as I can withdraw cash! They can charge me all they want!

So, bought dinner and went back to the hotel to arrange for my transport to Kedah tomorrow. Guess how much the lady at the counter told me the taxi was? RM140 for an hour rite!! That is one way. So, returned trip would be RM280! Crazy or not? I mean, I take taxi from my place to LCCT took slightly more than an hour and it only cost me RM80.

Thank god I have a colleague that is from here and he started to furnished me with plenty of local taxi. Finally found one that is willing to accept RM90 for one way. So, return is RM180 and for tomorrow till Friday, that means RM450 + RM140 (since I already stupidly book the taxi from the hotel for tomorrow morning) = RM590! This not yet include the taxi to and from LCCT. Should be another RM80-100. So, total taxi for my 4 days 3 nights here is RM770! Hotel is RM660+. Luckily can claim!

I guess I should thank God that He is taking care of me in his own way. I mean, after this, I will definitely know what to expect for my next trip here. I am sure it will be pretty soon lor. Already know one is planned for somewhere middle of next month. I think I am turning into a regular high flyer? Right now, I don't know if I am enjoying it or not. Too damn frustrated and still numb from the expenses inccured on the trip. I will let you know once I start travelling more. Tomorrow evening, if enough time, will be going to Gurney drive, which I was told about 10-15walk from here?


Kok said...

What a trip for you! *Fuh!*

So much spent and it's not even the second day! Wah! I think now really have to earn more money. If not, how to survive?

Kok said...

Oh I forgot. Rest well tonight! :)

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
Yar yar, lucky this is company trip and they pay. Or else I pokai lar this month...