Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wedding Photo Shoot Day!

Errr, Is this really only Wednesday? It felt much longer than that this week already although the time seems to be flying by. I think I am contradicting myself but some of you will know what I meant. The week is moving so slowly but time seems to be flying so fast daily that there seems to be not enough hours in a day to complete everything. The last few days starting Sunday has been crazy.

Sunday, 12 Oct, as most of you know if my wedding photo shoot day. Babe and I cleverly went to bed at 11pm on Saturday so that we can wake up nice and early the next day but well rested. Woke up at 9am, shower and get all our things, then off we go for our breakfast at Tmn Megah. Babe have his usual fried tomato kueh teow from our friend stall selling Sarawak laksa and stuff there. I opt to have something lighter, 2 slices of toast with kaya and 2 half boiled eggs with super thick coffee and milk.

If given the choice, I would chose not to eat anything but we were specifically instructed to have our breakfast. Guess they don't want either of us to faint from lack of sugar or something! But the thing is, I have this tiny iny little problem that if I have anything before 12noon, I will definitely need to visit the loo! Sigh.....

Anyway, by the time we are done with breakfast, it was only 10.30am and our appointment with the bridal house (BH) is at 11am. Taman Megah to SS2 takes about 10minutes drive only. But since we are not willing to sit at the coffee shop for too long especially with the crowd that day (seems that everyone misses local food after being back from their hometown!), we decided to drive to the BH and wait there lor.

We arrive outside BH around 10.40am and true enough, its not open yet. But there are a few of the staffs waiting outside having their breakfast. The owner of the BH arrived at 11am sharp. The first thing that they ask me to do when I got there was to changed into my white wedding gown that I want to wear for my outdoor photoshoot. I chose the one that I planned to wear for my church on 29 Dec.

But thinking back, I kinda regret choosing that because I should have worn the tea ceremony dress instead for outdoor shoots since outdoor is suppose to be more casual. Babe was wearing his white shirt and jeans. Gosh, I really don't want to imagine how the photos will turn out. Me in the full glory of the wedding gown, with full makeup, hairdo and veil in the garden, sweating! Thank god the makeup artist put something on my face to reduce sweating and oil, or else for sure all the makeup melted.

Oh did I tell you that the one tiny bottle of thing cost RM25 and that is for one time use only? YUP, RM25! I don't know about the rest of you but I cannot imagine one time application on the face that cost RM25. Anyway, I rather not think too much because if I do, then I will be thinking, GOSH! we paid RM3188 not just for the photos but for the experience as well. I mean, with the advanced technology of photoshop, I am pretty sure someone somewhere out there could have just crop your face from a pic somewhere and paste to a photo with someone wearing a wedding gown.....

So, like I said, we are actually also paying for the experience, i.e. for the many first times such as:
1. I got fake eyelashes
2. Got my eyebrows shaved and shaped
3. Babe got his eyebrows shaved and shaped too (GRIN!)
4. Full make up although my face itch after that..ugh!
5. Wearing wedding gowns instead of just seeing them in photos or on someone else! (What else!)
6. Know what the photographer meant when he said 'mirror me

and bla bla bla bla. If I list down everything, I think you guys will fall asleep.

We finally only finished at around 6.30-7pm. Mean 7-8hours of makeup,photoshoot, fake smiles and so on. Oh, and being scolded by the photographer. Although I don't think he is as mean as what I hear the photographer from Jackie Studio in Kuching can be, I would have preferred if he is more understanding and patient! Oh well, I guess if the photo turn out fantastic, I will forgive him. Will be going to BH again this Saturday to select the photos so that they can touch up with photoshop and put them into album or frame or whatever.

Through all this, I learned a few things. Hope this will help others that is planning for their photo shoot.
1. Packed something for lunch. Sandwiches would be the easiest. Some BH have delivery service from cafe around but usually those are super over priced. Anyway, you don't need the added stress of thinking what to eat...
2. If you have something in mind or would like to wear your own clothes for some of the shoots, tell the makeup artist in advance as she will be the one planning your whole journey.
3. Ladies, invest in a stick on bra unless you don't mind letting those helping you dress see your assets^_^

Oh gosh!I think I better stop here. Will continue again when I have time to tell you about the last two days. Better not continue in this posting or else it will be super long! MUCKS!


Kok said...

That seems so tough! But then, thinking it's only once in a lifetime, it's all worth it. Like you said, the experience is the most important. When you look at these photos 25 years later with your hubby, you'll recall how fun was this photography session and would like to have another one for 25 years anniversary! haha! :P

Jen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
Yap, you are right. Some of my friends are already talking about taking wedding pic again on their x anniversary! I AM SO SLEEPY LAR!

Nick Phillips said...

RM3188 for a wedding shoot? Adui, getting married is expensive these days isn't it?

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
YAH!!! Hence, I wonder if I start an online photo album service and charge half the price of bridal shop, will there be takers?

Rose said...

Jen, with all those stuff and once in a lifetime thinggy, you cant expect less right? ;p I remember mine is from 10something till 6something in the evening. very tiring. Hardly can eat anything after the photoshooting. ;p

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
I know but it does make me wish I can take leave the next day but cant lor since we have our qtrly staff meeting on Monday...
Still feeling tired from all that worr...