Monday, October 20, 2008

Being Professionals: What does that mean?

What a day to come to work... I don't know about the rest of you but this morning, when I woke up, the first thing that I thought of is,'s Monday. And the only that got me out of bed today is the fact that this weekend will be a long one since next Monday is Deepavali holiday. So, that mean that I will have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. For friends in Sarawak and Sabah, do not despair because when you are having you Gawai holiday, we here still have to work ~T_T~

Anyway, what have I been doing the last few days? Let me see. Oh, yah! We went to the bridal house to choose our photos for the album, frame, etc on Saturday. Our appointment was suppose to be 12 noon but babe being babe, we woke up at 11am-ish and only left the house at around 12noon. Then we went for breakfast/lunch/brunch at Taman Megah. Babe have his usual fried tomato kueh teow and me, I ate the crispy pork kueh teow. We also managed to tapau two packets of kolo kueh teow for later.

We arrived at the bridal house around 1pm and immediately, the lady usher us to a flat screen computer and to my surprise because there were well over 100 pieces of photos for us to choose. Based on my initial calculation, I thought we have about 80+ only. Anyway, we were abit irritated because the lady seem to be in a hurry and keep pushing us to be fast. But as this is not something that you nickels for, we took our sweet time in deciding which pic to choose from.

After looking at the pictures for more than 2 hours and FINALLY agreed on the which 45pieces of photos to choose from, we came to the following conclusions:
1. The photographer always have a theme in mind. So, if you have anything specific, discuss it with your photographer. A good photographer will always ASK what you prefer. Our photographer didn't do that! While doing make up, the photographer of the other couple would actually come into the make up room and chat with us, i.e. getting acquianted. We only see our photographer when everything is done!

2. It was pretty easy for us to choose just 45 photos out of the 100+. Reason? The photos were not that great and hence, making it easy for us to eliminate the other 2/3 of the photos. Although there are a few that we like very much but I was not expecting to be able to decide on 45 photos just like that. I mean, shouldn't I at least have some dissappointment that I can only have 45? Granted there are a few that I would like to have in the album on top of the 45 but it is not as if I really must have them! Babe agreed with me. Conclusion, lousy photographer...

3. Good customer service and professionalism by everyone else can easily be destroyed by just a single person.

As I mentioned, the photographer is pretty cranky and impatient. Giving instructions as if we are dummies but how in the world would we know what does the phrase "I am your mirror" meant! Or please turn to your left, right, bla bla bla and when you did turn to left, he will be making comments such as "Haiyooo..why put your hand that way, etc". At the time, we just bear with it and attribute his behaviour to being essentric as some artist can be. But now, I think he was just not putting his heart into taking our photo!

I know myself very well and that I am not as pretty (or have the slim figure!) like most brides but I thought that is the challenge? If I am able to take good satisfactory photos of myself with my handphone (for babe last time lar when he was in KL and me in Kch), shouldn't an expert with a superbly expensive camera be able to take even better photos? I guess through all this, my greatest regret was not being more assertive and tell them exactly what I wanted. But the bottomline is, someone that has choosen photography as a profession, should at least be more professional right?

I know I shouldn't let a single person upset me and spoil what I think of the bridal shop. Because to be frank, everyone and everything else was perfect. The make up artist was wonderfully friendly and gave me alot of advice on how to take care of my skin to ensure that it will glow on he actual day. The lady that helped me dressed never once give up when the clothes does not fit right. Instead, try to think of ways to make it look great. The seamstress, bless her, was able to repair the tear caused by previous wearer and make it totally invisible!

But with so many competition in the bridal market, I am expecting the bridal shop to be very careful in choosing one of the most important person in their whole package, i.e. the photographer...the one that will churn out their product and in turn the pull-factor for future customers. So, I can only say this, will I recommend Love Vision Bridal House to my friends? The answer is: If any of my friends are interested, Love Vision will not be the first thing that came to my mind.

Now that I got that out, I am feeling much better. I wonder if K and S would be interested to test their photography skill and take some photos during our wedding day! I mean, photos with pose, i.e. arranged pose and not those candid ones... HAHA! Who knows, we can start up a partnership and do freelance photography? Sigh....Now I can understand why some of my friends are talking about doing another photoshoot during their anniversaries!


dumb-baker said...

Hmmm Jen....sorry to hear about your bad experience. Anyway, i will take note of the LOVE VIsion bridal shop...thanks for the info.

And yea...don't let one particular person spoil your whole mood ya...wish you have a blessing marriage with your babe ya:)

The Fat Girl Journal said...
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Kok said...

Monday blues huh? hehe.

I agree with you that the photographer isn't that professional afterall. The photographer has to be patient in the very first place. Afterall, you're his customer! And he shouldn't have made "bad remark" of you when you pose wrongly. He should have help you instead.

Well, like you said, don't let one person to spoil your mood. In fact, come to think of it, you have some good photos! Share with us perhaps? :D

Have a great week ahead!:)

JenJen said...

Hi Baker,
Hahah! I sure hope SOMEONE from Love Vision sees this and take the hint!!!

Are you getting married soon?

JenJen said...

Hi Kok,
I am trying really hard to remind myself of that..

dumb-baker said...

Haha Jen...of coz not...i'm still too young of the age to get married...kekeke..though i secretly hopes my bf will propose to me soon...hahaha...oh well :P

JenJen's Place said...

OO!! OK OK.. I will look forward to updates from u on the potential proposal!! Dun forget to tell us about it when he does ah!

twosuperheroes said...

Really very unprofessional lor the photographer. Should've given him a piece of your mind... Well, at least 45 photos made it! :p

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Superheroes,
Yah, we are also thanking god that at least there is 45 photos lar if not I will sure create a big scene there and complain like crazy and ask for refund! HMPF! (GARANG-NYA! HAHA)