Friday, October 24, 2008


Yar yar, I am posting another one today to make up for the last couple of months where I am been abit slow with my updates. Have not been blog hopping much until yesterday. Finally managed to catch up with some of you via your blogs! WOW! You people can write! So, time for me to catch up with you guys and update you with what has happened in my life instead of whinning on about bigman *grin*.

Let me see, oh, I will be collecting my wedding photos and album on 14 Dec and the gown on 18 Dec. Will be going to Penang next week, flying on Tuesday and back on Friday evening. Business trip lar, not personal one. Not sure if I should look forward to it or not. For sure, it will be hardwork because I will be there to chase my vendors for my parts to be delivered as per my required schedule and not theirs! So, I can imagine war. But hopefully, I will come back with victory and trophies!

Also received a surprised email from an ex-colleague, my previous company sales guy from Japan. He will be in KL on 3 Nov and flying to Kuching n 4 Nov. Would be super nice to meet him up. He was one of my favourite Sales guy back when we were still working for the same company. I made him promised to tell me if he ever stopover at KL so that I can return his hospitality that he shown me when I was in Japan.

27 Oct is public holiday here in West Malaysia in conjunction with the Deepavali celebration. So, it will be a long weekend before I goes off to Penang. I am also planning to take leave on 3 Nov with babe since babe needs to clear his leave before end of the year. He still have extra 2 days. So, 3 Nov take 1 day. Need to pursuade him to go KL so that we can meet with my ex-colleague! But I am not sure if we should drive or take the train. Oh well, will see then lar. Still more than a week away.

Hopefully RK training on 3 and 4 Nov is on. Then it will really be killing 2 birds with one stone. Meeting both on the 3 Nov and catch up especially with RK! I have not seen here since I moved here ler! SK I have seen almost every other month but RK, always say want to come but in the end don't have! RK, hopefully this training trip happens! Keep our fingers crossed!

Wow! That means that after work today, I will not be in the office until 4 Nov!


Kok said...

Hope you have an awesome holidays!:D

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
LOL! That is cute! I hope I have awesome holiday too ^_^