Friday, October 24, 2008

Caught by surprise

What a week this has been. Been super busy for the last few weeks basically pushing my vendors to get my parts out on time. So stressed out that it has become so normal for me to dream of work at night. In fact, it caught me by surprise when I didn't dream of work last night! haha! I guess all the praise that the bigman gave me during our weekly meeting has gone to my head!

Yar, you guys read right. It is not a typo. The bigman praised me during our weekly meeting instead of the usual critism that makes me want to dig a big hole and bury myself in. He really caught me by surprise and I think also my colleagues. Although, they didn't say it in the past, but from their body language, I can definitely see pity and wish that they can help me but at the same time, am glad that they are not at the receiving end. :P

So, yah, I am feeling light headed abit from that. I really thought I am under-performing and not making progress at all. And this feeling really demotivates me so much that I feel like just giving up and calling it quits. But I guess other than the 'pep' talk from bigman in the one-to-one session, I gave myself a pep talk too. I do believe with him when he said that it is all in the head. When someone feels demotivated to work or too stressed up, then the person will not be able to perform well.

Also, he said still be happy despite all the issues because when you are happy, you will be able to think more clearly and less tense. So, that was what I have trying to do the last few days. I have always work hard at everything that I do but I also play hard! But since a couple of months back, I think I must have shown signs of stress and burning out. But I am glad HE persevere (despite the hard lesson~ sigh).

OK! Enough about this! It is FRIDAY!!!!!!


Kok said...

You deserved the praise after all the hard work! Keep it up!:)

dumb-baker said...

Jen...if u travel by train to KL, remember to keep an eye on ur bag...i've just been pick pocketed 2 days ago. Audience stood by the side to watch the drama i had with the sneaky Malay guy...oh well..glad he did not carry a knife. Be extra careful ya:) Have a nice weekend and enjoy your Penang trip...make sure u try the Nasi Kandar there!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
*blush!* you are so sweet! Guess it was worth all those sleepness stressful nights!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Baker,
AIYOO!! That is scary! Luckily there have no weapons! GOSH! KL is getting creepier! I think I better just drive down to KL with babe..safer *brrrr*

Hopefully it will be fun in Penang. I heard my hotel is near gurney drive! HAHA