Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Working from home

Leaving for my business trip at Kedah today. My taxi will be picking me up at around 1pm today. So, had the privilege to work from home today while waiting for the time. I can hardly believe I am saying this but I am BORED OUT OF MY SKULL! I can hardly wait for the taxi to be here and for me start my journey. This time, I am venturing out alone and fighting the 'war' on my own. On one hand, I am cherishing this because I will be able to show my ability and also have some time alone after work. Meaning, I can go to the cafe with my book to have a slice of cake and coffee if I feel like it. Melancholic but fun :P

On the other hand, I feel sad about leaving babe all alone here. I been stocking up the fridge with cooked food so that he can heat them up for his dinner. The dishes are all PORK of course, pork leg soup, pork kicap (soya sauce) with ginger and three layer yam pork. Contemplating cooking some vegetable for him and keep it in the fridge but I think better not since vegetables wont keep for long. So, just pork. Of course, if he want, he can actually cook some simple vege on his own. However, knowing him, I doubt it!

Also, the second thing is the pressure I am feeling lor. Feeling kind of stressed out in case I don't get the result I am expected to get from this trip. I mean, I will of course perform to the best that I can but sometimes, the best is simply not enough. This job is really stressingme out alot! I mean, I am actually comtemplating going into another field but at the same time, sayang also want to change because I actually enjoy the crazy pace the job demand. However, recent days, I am really wondering if I am cut out for the job. Perhaps I am only suitable to work in a fab environment and not fabless?

Really don't know what to think lar. See lar how it is. Perhaps things will start to mellow down slightly next year? I just need to stop taking things so seriously and accept the fact that I am not perfect and no ability to control EVERYTHING! ARGH!! Hard hard hard hard....


Kok said...

jen jen,
I don't like to work from home if I have a choice. Simply because I'll get distracted at home. Say, switch on the TV or sleep when I want to and etc. No good no good. hehe.

All pork? Wah! I guess your babe will cook his own vege eh? Or perhaps, he'll ta pao back. kakaka.

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
I agree! Too much distraction but if discipline enough, it would be great actually esp when have kids! hehe

I dun think he will cook vege lar. Maybe just 1 meat dish plus the rice..