Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am so angry at AirAsia right about now! I received an sms at 9.29pm just now and the sms read like this:

Urgent! AirAsia Flight AKXXXX From Penang to KUL(LCCT) on 31OCt08 is now retimed to 10.30pm(2230hrs). For more info pls call 60387754000 or 60386604343.

My flight was originally at 9pm tomorrow night it is delayed by 1.5hours! I have already make all the necessary arrangement, late check out, taxi and so forth so that I can be at the airport with sufficient time to go through the traffic jam if there is any. Now, everything is all messed up. End up, I will be waiting at the airport for more than 4hours based on the current retime! What in the world am I suppose to do at the stupid airport?

To make matter worse, I called the numbers given in the sms and was promptly informed by the electronic machine that the operating hours is between 8am to 9pm. If that is the case, wouldn't it reasonable to make sure that the passengers received them BETWEEN the time so that they can actually CALL to ask for more information???? What is point of sending out the sms AFTER the operating hours!!?!?!? I really don't get it.

When I checked online, there are actually only 4 flights out of Penang to KUL(LCCT) tomorrow. And the flight immediately before the 9pm one is at 12.25pm! That means I will need to leave the hotel by 9.30am if I want to be at the airport with sufficient time to check in. After all, counter do really close 45min before flight time right?? So, this mean that AirAsia is forgiven for retiming ANY flight they want and MERGE it with a later flight but we are not allowed to check in if we missed the 45min marker even by 5minutes??? Also, I am pretty sure I can't leave at 9.30am since I have to call in to join a conference call at 9am tomorrow morning! SHIT!

To hell with Fernandez promise to keep to below 2 hours delays or they will pay the passengers. So what if you are THE fastest growing lowcost carrier in Malaysia now. If there is another lowcost carrier that is more efficient and on-time with the price to match, I bet AirAsia would not have any loyal customers at all! It seems that the word 'flight delay' ties really closely to EVERY AirAsia flight. I hope when he go blog hopping, he stumble on this!

Yes, I am fuming and hopping mad. Wouldn't you be if you know that you will be wasting time because someone wants to make more profit instead of keeping their promise??????


Kok said...

I have to say that sucks! I don't like delayed flight. It messes up with a lot of things ahead.

Maybe you can send a frustration email to Datuk Tony Fernandes. I did once and he replied!:)

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
I am sure he will reply but most likely will try to explain why the flight delay and so forth. If it is only once or twice, I will actually be reasonable and listen to the reasoning. But, it seems that each and everytime that I use AirAsia, for sure have flight delay one...

Rose said...

jen, I encounter this problem before and it was really frustrating! all those unnecessary inconveniences! Hope everything is fine with ur trip though....

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
It was ok lar.Lucky I have a thick interesting book ready with me so it was more bearable than expected. I only reach home around 1.15am though :(

twosuperheroes said...

poor jenjen, that must be really really frustrating! Superhero W too just recently had his flight delayed beyond 2 hours I think. So so very tiring to wait in the airport like that. :(

JenJen's Place said...

Hi 2Superheroes,
Yalor! Nothing is worse than sitting at those hard chairs at the airport..sigh

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, yes that really sucks!! FYI, my husband and I are now in K.Kinabalu airport, and we only knew that our flights were being 're-timed' just after we had printed out our boarding pass!!
You are at least lucky to be informed by sms, while we were told by the staff that we are 'uncontactable' , how stupid is that!! Moral of the story: NEVER USE AIR ASIA AGAIN!!! THEY ARE SO STUPID!!