Friday, October 3, 2008


WAHH REALLY NO MOOD TO WORK! It is Friday morning, 7.42am and I am all alone in the office as usual for this time of the day. And although it is a Friday, which usually you will see me jumping up and down with joy in my blog. But today is one of those sluggish day that I absolutely wish that I am at home doing absolutely nothing. The last two days seems to have passed in a daze with so much to do and overdose on sleep. I am not even sure I can recall fully what I did except that I slept till 2pm yesterday! *Sigh~!*

Of course, I can give excuse and say that it was because the day before I slept at 3am but errmm..that would mean 11 hours of sleep without waking up? And after 2 days of waking up when I feel like it, suddenly having to be yanked awake by the alarm clock this morning was not pleasant at all! ARGGH!! I hate work!! LOL~!!!!

I guess I can at least look forward to tomorrow and sleep in while babe have to go to work. It was suppose to be his weekend off but his malay colleague swapped with him. That mean next Saturday would be an off week for him. GAWD!! All I feel like doing now is SLEEP! As I was walking into the dark office just now, I was even contemplating just dozing off at my desk for an hour or so before everyone else arrive.

Been out shopping or rather attempt to shop to hunt for the stuff that we need for the photoshoot on 12 Oct. We have everything now or rather babe has all his white shirts, black pants and shoes. I just need to find my white high heels! I saw one at The Curve for RM55+ but was hesitate to get it yet in case I see something better. I guess I should have just bought it in the first place and save the time running here and there.

ARGHH!! Still have 10hours and 9minutes before I can officially forget all work and say HOORAY!! IT IS THE WEEKENDS!!! SOMEONE SLAP ME!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!


dumb-baker said...

Haha Jen Jen....same here. I'm like a zombie in the office too...anyway, gambateh! Few more hours you'll be horray-ing:) Me 5pm sharp, though it's not my official off work time, there'll be big hoo haa in my office...guess who is the monkey? kekeke....

Kok said...

Hi JenJen,
Don't worry, time flies! Soon, you'll be knocking off from work! Hang on there. :)

Nick Phillips said...

Well, it's almost 3pm so not long before you head home for the weekend :D I'm still on holiday by the way ... LOL!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Baker,
WAHAHAHA! you=monkey?

Let me see, another 2hrs 15min, then I can pack and go back and pretend today never happen? :P

Jen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
Hanging on really tight! The sky outside not helping though and is tempted to drown me in the elephants and dinasour eggs! But I am still hanging tight! *me talking nonsense..sigh*

Jen's Place said...

Nickie nickie nickie..Oops, I mean nick nick nick....u shouldnt be so nottie and tell me u r still on holiday today unless u wan me to cry a bucket on ur shoulder ~>_<~

By the way, u wash ur car isit? The sky gonna pour with huge gigantic dinasour eggs soon!