Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let Get Mean

Busy busy busy drowning drowning drowning fainting fainting fainting palpitating palpitating palpitating insomnia insomnia insomnia stress stress stress! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

PHEW! Glad to have that out of the way. Now I can type properly for the next 15minutes or so I guess. As you guys can see from the above, it has been a super duper busy week at the office. Hang on, it is only TUESDAY!!! SHIT!~ I am so looking forward to the weekend. Not only because it is the weekend but because the photoshoot is this Sunday. Wait a minute, I am not looking forward to it. This mean that my weekend is basically gone?

Have not even found my white or cream color shoes yet for the photoshoot. Babe of course got all his stuff already, white shirts, black pants, socks and shoes. I need to go get my shoes but damn lazy lar. I guess I will either just go around during lunch or go to The Curve after work today or tomorrow and just grab that pair of shoes that I saw there.

I was initially thinking of getting extra pair perhaps in silver just because I feel like getting an extra one. But in the end, decided to forget it. Too much hassle and time involve and definitely not enough energy and even less free-time available. In fact, I feel so blurred out that guess how I am actually releasing my stress.. COOK! Yap, babe says I am insane because here I was complaining I am super tired and starting to feel sick, and I insist on cooking dinner on workday.

Well, I am more sick of eating outside food and paying crazy price even for economy fastfood. So, yesterday marinated ikan kembong with salt, pepper, assam jawa and tapioca flour. Then fry those. And made soup with pork, pickled salted vege, cabbage and tomato. Surprisingly, babe actually had two bowl of rice. I guess he must be very sick of eating out too.

So, tonight, depending on my mood, might be cooking again. I took the chicken out from the freezer already last night and left it in the fridge. So, by the time we got back this evening, it should be all thaw out. Was thinking of marinating it with some sauces and put it in the oven to bake. But on second thought, perhaps I will just steam it and turn the rice into chicken rice. Oh well, see my mood tonight. I might just change my mind and ask babe to drop at the economy fastfood and pack food home...

Hei, I am a girl ok. A girl is entitle to change her mind whenever she want. It is our birth right! hahahaha!! OK, I better stop here before I insulted even more people.......


Kok said...

You're so stressss! Maybe not... haha! At least you still can write something here.

Gosh, you must be a good cook. Nasi ayam satu pls!:D

Rose said...

Poor Jen! Life is like that lah....just got to accept it is a fact!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
HAHA! Stress until abit crazy already but this should be all over next week (I HOPE!) But I better not say it too soon and jinx it....

Not really a good cook lar but I enjoy experimenting!! hahaha

Errr, nasi ayam....GOT!! Last nite cook. It is at home..

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,

Fact? What fact? Dun wan can or not :P hahahaha