Saturday, October 25, 2008

To bake or not to bake?

Guess what are my plans for the day or the long weekend? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! HAHA! Today is a extremely lazy and relaxing day. Main reason is because babe had to go to work today for half day. So, that meant that I can go back to sleep after I made him breakfast instead of us waking up around noon where after which babe will be tempting me to go window shopping! hahaha... So for his breakfast today, he wanted half boil egg with his usual hot milk tea. So, we woke up at 6.15am (YAR! That is not a typo! Insane right for me to wake up so early but if I don't, babe will not have any breakfast! Lazy bum him).

After a hug and goodbye (good nite..hehe) kiss, I went off to dreamland and only woke up by the ding dong from my handphone. Rozzy sms-ed that she just ordered laksa from my friend's stall at Taman Megah. Oh did I mentioned that it was already 10.30am+? So blissful was the sleep that I didn't even dream at all! After sms-ed back and forth awhile with Rozzy, started cleaning up the apartment abit.Babe as usual, left at least 3 cups/glasses around the living room and our foldable dining table. I decided a long time ago to stop nagging. Give up!

So, clean those and start to prepare for lunch. I tool out the pork leg when woke up early this morning. So, it is nice and defrost now. Babe want his kicap (soya sauce) pork soup. Recipe is super simple, just clean the pork leg and heat up some oil in the wok. Stir fry the pork over high fire for awhile. Prepare a pot of water and pour the fried pork into the water (oil and everything). Add a big head of garlic and black pepper to the soup. Cook over slow fire.

If you have pressure cooker, of course, it will be faster but I was using a normal pot. So, took about an hour and the half to soften the meat. Once ready, add kicap (soya sauce) and salt to taste. I also added some white pepper powder to add some kick. Babe love this so much that he actually ate 2 bowl of rice.

Oh yah, the kicap, well, it cannot be any kicap. It MUST BE Tongnam kicap that is only available from Sarawak! HAHA! So, whenever there is anyone visiting us, we would request whoever it is to bring for us a bottle. Not sure why, but somehow, the soya sauce here tasted different. And also dont know why, the Tongnam brand never seem to penetrate W. Msia market. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it was not certified as halal? hhmm....

Anyway, now babe is taking his nap on the living room carpet. I am multi-tasking, watching tv and blogging. Tempted to bake something but lazy to clean up!! Oh well, there is always tomorrow and Monday!! YAHOO!!!!!


Kok said...

If you decided to quit your job one day, this would be your life! Stay at home wife, how about that? hahaha!

I didn't know there's such kicap leh although I'm a Miri-an. Maybe I'm just not observant enough. I also think that different soya sauce has different flavour. That's why some char kueh tiaw is better than the others. My personal opinion lah. haha!:P

Enjoy your long weekends!:)

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
Actually my dream job is a stay at home wife/mom that works from home, i.e. selling the stuff that I bake, have cooking classes and do a little blogging to earn $.

I also didn't know this kicap till my babe tells me the difference lar. Last time we use the mushroom brand. Then switch to this. This kicap if mix with rice taste abit lemak taste one..hehe..

Dav DiDi said... gud of u to help roy cleaning the cup ..if me, i think i'll just put them into rubbish bin..the next time he wanna use it, go to rubbish bin to take and wash .. else go buy another one ..

that's why my dad scared of me whenever i go house cleaning ... whatever that i have give out warning more than 3x, ends up in tong sampah..

same goes to bro use to leave cotton bud everywhere..what i'll do is collect them, put them back on his room .. if he do not want to see his room full with rubbish, he better throw them into tong sampah...

well..that's me ... me and my temper...hahaha

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Didi,
HAHAHA! He will be alone the next 3 nights and 4 days. Hopefully, he will keep the place clean or else I think I will pengsan when I come back..