Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Moaning, Groaning, Estasy?

I often wonder what is the meaning to our life. I mean for at least 5 days a week, we will force ourselves to wake up at the crack of dawn. And then force the depressing thought of having to go to work out of our mind and then while on the way to work, trying really hard to keep our cool and not swear at the other road users.

When we are finally in our office, we look forward to lunchtime. During lunchtime, we will be hoping that when lunch is over, we won't fall asleep from being too full. Once lunch is over and we are back in the office again, we will count down to when it is time to go home! Of course, when it is finally time to go home, then it will be wondering what to have for dinner, i.e. buy food, cook or not. Next, if you are like babe and I, we will be arguing who will clean up after dinner and who will iron HIS work clothes for next day and who put the laundry into the washing machine.

All the while, when this happens, we will glue ourselves to whatever tv program that is on and caught our interest at the moment. When the clock strike 11pm, we will tell ourselves, just finish the last part of the movie then go off to bed. And of course, the whole routine start itself again the next day, IF it is a workday!

No wonder we girls are always dreaming of marrying golden tortoise whereby we can be sau nai nai (housewives) and simply relax at home or do whatever we want at whenever we feel like it. (Of course, the reality is fulltime housewives have plenty to do!). And the guys I suspect will forever be hoping to strike it rich with the lottery or suddenly inherit unmentionable amount from their long lost relatives somewhere in the world.

Having said all those depressing things up there, I am actually pretty happy with my life now. Seriously, I am! It is true! How can I not be happy when I have great friends all over the place that sincerely cares about me. How can I not be when I have parents that is forever supportive and love me very much. How can I not be when I will be married to the man that I love. How can I not be ....and the list goes on. I guess I need to learn to be thankful for what I have instead of moaning for what I couldn't have.......


Kok said...

We as human can never be satisfied lah. You reckon those siu nai nai are forever happy? I doubt so. I guess they're hoping they can work. And what if the man strike it rich with the lottery and is rich? I doubt they'll find something to do instead of resting at home and do nothing.

Life is like that whether you like it or not. Everyone is doing the same thing everyday. You ask your parents, what they did when they're your age, I guess they'll tell you that they're doing the same thing like you do (perhaps no TV or computer only?). So, enjoy life like what you do now!:)

Nick Phillips said...

Now that's why I feel like living on a deserted island. No worried, no headaches and can sleep all day ... hehehe ...

Jen's Place said...

Hi Kok,
Thanks for making feel abit better. ^_^

Truth is, am having a bad day today at work and simply pouring out in the blog. You are right, I should enjoy life now and learn to live with the rest T_T

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Deserted island definitely sound great right about now..but what are we gonna do about food??

Kok said...

You're most welcome. :)

Hah... everyone would have such day. Blog is a place for you to say anything! So, feel free to do so. It'll make you feel better.

See? Another day! Hope you'll have an awesome day today. :)