Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ruckus Muckus Fuikus

The wind has been blowing gently today and I am on MC. Initially, I thought, GREAT! Now I can sleep and take the much needed rest. Somehow I am always tired nowadays and two days ago, I was so tired after work that I actually dropped a bowl when I picked it up. I mean literally dropped the bowl. If anyone taped it, he/she would thought I intentionally drop it. Guess I just didnt know my own strength..erm..weakness. Yesterday night finally just couldnt tahan anymore, so went to bed at 9pm and promptly fall asleep the moment my head hit my pillow. Babe was kinda upset because no one helped him with the laundry but I need to take care of myself first for a chance, you know..

Anyway, as I was saying, MC today, sleep but guess what, it just didnt happen! Sigh!~! The apartment upstairs must be doing some renovation because the banging and drilling started at around 9am and goes on till 5pm! For those staying in apartment or condo will know that the sound is so loud that it is as if the renovation is happening in your own living room! I cannot even hear my tv and the volume is twice its normal level. I just hope that tomorrow, I will have the energy and patience to deal with whatever that God decided to throw my way.

Again, this makes me start to day dream about having financial freedom to just not work and be fulltime housewife. The very thought of being a millionaire. Must get babe to go buy the lottery ticket this weekend! HAHA! Of course, one must have backup plan and mine would be to switch career again from a business planner to something more administrative. Perhaps human resource, customer service or administrative related. Something near to where we are staying now or near to where hubby is working. That would be perfect of course but as we all know, life is never perfect. So, for now, I will visualise, dream...


Rose said...

Huh? You sound pretty sick, until can drop a bowl!! Take care!

JenJen's Place said...

Yar and I would know more next wk after a check up in Kuching next Friday ^_^