Monday, June 15, 2009

What if....

Babe and I watched 'I am Legend' last night. Yar, I know, old movie but we only managed to sit down and watch it yesterday. And to tell you the truth, I think it is a big mistake to watch it last night. Not because the movie was not good but on the contrary, the movie was too good that it was actually making me toss and turn in my bed. Keep waking up because I was dreaming of a actual plague that wiped out the entire world! I am in a rather sensitive depressing mood recently. So, maybe that is why this movie have such a great impact on me.

My subsconcious mind must be playing the 'what if' joke on me. I am having a splitting headache and nausea this morning. And extremely tired. All I want to to do is SLEEP! In fact, I actually fell asleep on my desk when I rest my head for a while on my arm. No joke, really slept to the extend of almost REM state. You know, the floaty feeling you get when you were jolted suddenly awake just before you fall into deep sleep, i.e. between conscious and subsconcious.

Too bad I cant take MC or not my own boss. Or else I would have definitely decided to stay at home to sleep today. I almost wanted to tell babe this morning that he can go off to office on his own. I will find my way to mine later at 8.30am, i.e. another 1.5hours of sleep. But the hassle and also remembering I have so much to do at work to catch up with my 2 days half day leave last Thursday and Friday make me cancel that idea. Not keen to get another 'whack' from boss for not being prepared for the 2pm weekly meeting today.

So, my 'what if' question today is, what if some virus wiped out the entire nation with only a few people immune to it. And those that is not immune or dead, is infected in such a way that they turned crazy like dogs with rabies? Will you be able to survive on your own? How long before you get crazy and start talking to a basketball with face painted on it? Just thinking of it makes my stomach sink to the pit and my heart pound loudly! (Or maybe that is just my nausea? sigh)


Dav DiDi said...

ytday i watch a movie that, the ending of it make me feel a complete fool of myself..

its about a guy, that at the end kill his own son to avoid suffering .. but right after he killed his son, military ppl had come for help

Rose said...

I like that movie very much and never really thought too much of it! hahahah! Dont wanna think of "what if" question. But if I am the last person on earth and surrounding by crazy people, I think I will like to be like them too. Crazy and insane, dont think I can stand been alone that long.

JenJen's Place said...

DD, hehehe..guess some movies have that effect on ppl. What movie u watch ah? Sounds crazy but interesting ^_^

JenJen's Place said...

HEHE! I guess I am being too sensitive but I always have this kind of problem with end-of-the-world movie and also war-movie. It makes me think too much after the show. Cant helped it...its my nature ^_^