Monday, June 22, 2009

Boring, Routine, Stress, = SIEN!

Was just thinking back of what my daily work-day routine is since moving to KL. Have pretty much settled into it and getting used to but this morning, was extremely blur till I even forgot to brush my teeth *BLUSH!* Didnt even realised until around 11am-ish in the office. No wonder I feel weird this morning. Not sure how the heck I can forget! Still trying to digest and so this is my normal daily workday routine:

6.18am - babe alarm goes off
6.20am - my alarm goes off
6.25am - shower, put on my contact lense, brush teeth, get dressed
6.40am - prepare babe's breakfast (oat & tea) and lunch
6.45am - lie down in living room till babe is ready to go
7.05am - Out of the house together with babe (he send me to work first before he goes to his)
7.25am - reach office or mamak depending on my mood
9.00am - work
11.30pm - lunch
1.30pm - work
4.30pm - Teabreak
5.00pm - work
6.00pm - babe pick me from work
6.30pm - reach home
7.30pm - cook dinner/clean kitchen
8.30pm - dinner
9.00pm - finish clean up after dinner & watch tv till bedtime..
(let me see:
Monday - Leverage and House
Tuesday - Ghost Whisperer and CSI/NY
Wednesday - Pua Chu Kang and CSI
Thursday - Bones and Criminal Minds
Friday - Eli Stone, Boston Legal, Stark)
12midnight - sleep

And the routine begins....

Of course weekend is totally different. Which is why I always say 2 days off per week is NEVER enough! Sure wish that we are millionaires! Then no need to do the work that do not like. Only work because I feel like working and enjoy the job. Oh well, I can wish and dream cant I? HAHA!


Rose said...

Sound like you are becoming to be a robot, program to do this and that at certain time....hahaha! Mine is pretty much the routine too, boring and nothing exciting. ;p

JenJen's Place said...

Guess that is life although I do not mind your kind of routine ^_^