Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Nothing much to report except that I am super super super busy at work and SUPER SLEEPY!! What a combination. Early morning wake up can feel as if my eyes are all swollen from sleepiness. Cant wait till I go back to Kuching on Thursday evening. My aim is to sleep, eat, spend time with parents, meet friends and do absolutely nothing else. Of course, that is just me saying la. Most likely dad and mom will get me to do all the cooking when I am back since they say they miss my cooking (err...) and dont know what other errands that need to be done within that short short time. All the same, I just cant wait. Not even gonna bring my office laptop with me! WAHAHA (EVIL LAUGH)


Nikki said...

See that's why you should never cook well for your parents.

If you do horribly, they'll never want it! : )

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Nikki,
HAHA! Unfortunately (or fortunately for my hubby, parents, relatives and friends) I enjoy cooking and thank god I am pretty good at it! :P

Now, if I only I can turn this to cashcow and work from home *cracking my head*