Saturday, June 13, 2009

Butter Cake with Cream cheese cocoa topping

This is really a back dated post that I should have uploaded a long time ago. Well, I guess better late than never. I was in one of those mood that day to bake something or go absolutely mad! So, I faithfully browse one of the baking book that I purchased recently at a book sale, trying to find a recipe which I have all the ingredient ready at home. Like I said, I will go absolutely mad if I have to wait because I need to go to the hypermarket to get the ingredient. In the end, I found a simple dense butter cake which the recipe promised to be absolutely heaven. Modified it abit by putting some cream cheese topping and cocoa powder on top for that rich heavenly taste.

The result, on the first cut & taste, it was abit disappointing and then I realised this is was of those cake that you have to let it sit overnight in order for the oil to seep out and make the cake absolutely heavy and rich! Glad my colleagues enjoyed them but I dont think I will make this one again. Abit too long to wait to reap the result for my taste. Anyway, the photos to share:


RaiNboW said...

Looks delicious!!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rainbow,
Thanks! ^_^ HEHE!