Friday, June 5, 2009


WAHH I AM SO LAZY WANNA WORK TODAY!!! Keep imagining how nice if I don't ever have to go to the office again and yet still have enough money coming to allow babe and me to live a luxurious life, luxurious by our standard la. Not by a billionaire standard.(Although I dont mind being a millionaire!! HAHAHA). can happen, I just need to believe and let it happen! WAHAHAHAAHAH...ya, crazy already because it is a Friday and weekend is just round the corner.

This week has been a super fast week though. The days, tough as it is, goes by daily at the speed of a bullet train. Lots of things to do but hardly feel the time goes by. But in all this, I still have this sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach as if something big is going to happen. (Errm..of that could be indigestion!!) Anyway, normally my intuition is pretty accurate. So, we will just wait and see la what happen.

Looking very much forward to this weekend especially Sundays. The makan geng is coming over to my place to potluck. I will be cooking Sarawak laksa and the geng bringing assorted dishes. So, tomorrow will be full day. After morning appointment, then planned to go to the wet market and supermarket. Also, need to clean up the home abit (BLUSH). Been lazy to clean up much last 1-2weekends.

So tired and exhausted recently. All I want to do is sit and do nothing. Or better, SLEEP! Babe is starting to call me a pig again! Oh well, guess we will know and be very sure after this Saturday appointment. YAWN!!!


Dav DiDi said...

KNow what ??? YOu pregnant ?

JenJen's Place said...

Hi DD,
Nolar :P