Tuesday, June 9, 2009

EXHAUSTED.....ZZZzzZZzzz Needed

So DAMN tired recently. All I feel like doing is sleep! The weekend was great. Saturday, one of babe's friend managed to get those big thick bamboo to cook pansuh (chicken/pork cooked in bamboo over open fire). So, invited a few of us to his place to have the feast together. It was damn good. But I was just too tired to take any photos of it.

Anyway, we went back pretty early that night, around 11pm. Yar, that is early because normally when babe and his friends have gathering, we will normally only go back after midnight. But that night it was because there were some perishable food in the car for my next day laksa + potluck lunch.

So, Sunday laksa + potluck lunch was great! Again, I totally forgotten (and too lazy) to take any photos. I guess I will just 'borrow' a few from the friends later (if I remember!). Start cooking around 9.30am and only finally done around 12 noon. It was great and fun. A good getting to know each other and our families session. After everything was done, it was around 4.30pm and after leaving all the dishes in the sink, all I want to do was sleep!

Never did I know I can feel so exhausted. I meant, literally dozing on my feet tired. I think age much be catching up with me. I slept from 6pm and babe finally woke me up at 8pm. Watched a little tv and had something light, then off to bed again. The next day, (MONDAY!! UGH!) again, I was having a hard time to keep my eyes open. I almost wanted to take leave but our US boss is here. Soooooo, thought I better just take some coffee and bear with it la! :P


Rose said...

Wow! Gawai open house and feast over there huh?? Sayang no pic of the ayam pansuh. I miss that dish!! hehehe!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Not really gawai open house la. Just a group of us colleagues did some gathering with our families and do a simple potluck. Tiff joined us too ^_^