Saturday, June 13, 2009

A success story!

Finally! I made my first ever rice dumpling! I know, I know, the festival is over a few weeks ago but I was travelling then to Penang and chasing after the vendors for my wafers. A couple of days ago, I finally bought the bamboo leaves, glutonious rice and alkaline water to make ki chang ( plain alkaline rice dumpling). Reason for making ki chang and not other chang. Well, for one thing, this is the first time ever I attempt this and I didnt want to waste the ingredient for bak chang in case it didnt work. Second thing was of course ki chang is babe's favourite chang.

Anyway, I am glad to announce that after a few 'talk only', FINALLY got my ki chang done. I started around 10am this morning and get everything ready. Finished wrapping around 25pieces ki chang with 1kg glutonious rice. By the time I am done and ready to boil the chang in he pot, it was already 12noon. Boiling took about 2-2.5hours. So, everything was done at around 2.30pm. The chang is not hanging on the back balcony door to dry out before ready for babe to try. I also melted some gula melaka and coconut milk to go with the ki chang later.

All in all, of the 25 chang, 2 chang was undone while it was boiling and another 2 undone when I lifted the whole bundle out from the pot. So, total 4 damages! Which is not bad for my first attempt I must say! HEHE! So, there are the photos to share my pride and joy!

Did I make you drool yet? My next project would be a Foochow chang, i.e. peanut mixed with the glutinous rice. And next is the bak chang, chang stuffed with soya stew pork, mushroom, chestnut and salted eggs. Anyone interested to help me? YUMMY!!!! Hehehehe!!


Rose said...

congrats on ur first bak chang making. Tried it once, but a failure! :p

JenJen's Place said...

I am glad with how it turn out actually being the first time making it and with no one to guide me except the book! :P