Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Short talk: Desperation

OMG!!! I am so bored!! SOMEONE please rescue me!! It is not that I have nothing to do. I did all of it per usual but I think it is because I know that I will not be doing it much longer and hence, no challenge to make things better, i.e. now just keeping it at status quo, and hence, no challenge, no stress equals to BOREDOM! Life have no meaning la without aim and goal! I cant wait till it is my last day and I start at my new place!

SIGH!!!! I am actually FB-ing, FV-ing, MW-ing and YV-ing! All the -ing! And oh! BLOGGING! DAMN! Have not done this for awhile already. And I am also eating more than usual because I guess I am filling boredom with food? But even that is not curing it! HOW AH?? HELP!! Another 7 days of workday to go!!!

I know, crazy! Got pressure and stress also complaint. Dun have also complaint! But that is human nature la I guess :P

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