Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stupid stupid stupid

It is less than a week to my last day of work in this company and yet the COM still have the ability to irk and makes me feel like screaming at the top of my lung in frustration. Imagine this conversation among all the other members of the team and also a colleague from Taiwan that is going to take over my job scope:

COM: You are not suppose to contact end customer A.
Me: Yar but customer told us that we can contact his end customer A. He gave the authorisation to end customer A to communicate shipment with me.
COM: But this is not acceptable. You are not suppose to deal directly with end customer A. You should only deal with customer.
Me: BUT customer AUTHORISED and gave the permission to communicate on shipments related to this product.
COM: No. Can you guarantee that customer will not refuse to acknowledge the shipping arrangement made by you via the communication with end customer A. Can you be sure customer wont do this?
Me: ****PENGSAN AND 3-LINE". But COM, customer told me via EMAIL cc all the bosses that end customer A can deal directly with me.
COM: There is an email? Does the email cc his boss?
Me: Yes.
COM: Then it is ok.


Case2, came meeting, same group of people:

COM: Lets have training 10am to 12noon today for him.
Me: Can we do this after lunch? I need to call customer for urgent shipping matter.
COM: Why do you need to call customer?
Me: Customer requested I call him once I have the final quantity for shipment today so that he can give me the final instruction.
COM: But shouldnt customer have provided you the shipping instruction earlier?
Me: Yes, normally they will but because this shipment is urgent and they need to know the final quantity so that they can make intelligent shipping priority to their end customer.
COM: No, this is not necessary. This is why I want to be in the training so that we can make sure no last minute things like this done. Send customer email to tell him the final quantity and ship tomorrow.

ARGGH!! ARRRRRGGGGGGGGH!!!!! First of all, customer said it is important and I have already promised customer that I will call him to let him know the final shipping quantity so that he can give the correct shipping instruction. Second of all, just because you are the boss does not give you the right to preach one thing and do another thing. What happen to 'think for the customer'???? Third of all, stop be so blardy unprofessional. Just because the candidate that I introduce for this job said that bosses need to be supportive and respect his subordinates AND you felt it is hitting a sharp arrow at you, it does not give you the right to be so idiotic and try to get at me at every opportunity.

I do not have control over what she will or will not say to you during interview. And so what if she said that? It is the TRUTH! BOSSES NEED TO BE SUPPORTIVE AND RESPECT HIS PEOPLE! JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT AND FEEL THAT SHARP SHARP ARROW SHOOTING & SHITTING AT YOU, not my PROBLEM!

Thank GOD I did not change my mind about leaving this stupid job. I think I am really stupid to let this get to me like this when my last day is 30 Sep! IF it was not for the benefit of the customers and my team members, do you think I will even bother??? This is not very nice of me BUT I hope whatever bad karma will go to you 100x worse than the way you treat your subordinate! STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID!