Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2nd last day

PHEW! FINALLY, tomorrow is the last day of work at my current company. Immediately after that, Thursday will be my first day. And guess what, I have not start clearing my cubicle. I think I have a couple pair of shoes under my desk and some girlie stuff in the drawers! Oh, and also some containers and cups in the pantry. Hope I wont forget anything. Feeling kind of weird actually because till today, I am STILL doing work and STILL redirecting my colleagues to the new fella taking over the job.

Guess they are still trying to get use to not having JenJen around to ask question that they can get answer to almost instantly. And I can see the new fella is getting really stressed out now with the amount of work that he took on. I think he is already wondering what did he get himself into. I keep hearing him sigh and say "so much to do". All I can say is that I been doing it for more than 1.5 years. Just need some getting use to of course, all the 12 items in the list that our US boss told him he need to make sure he pick up and do.

Anyway, colleagues brought me out for my farewell lunch at Italiannies today. The food was so-so & nothing to shout about but we had great fun laughing and snapping lots of photos. 3 of us brought DSLR cameras and another a G9. We are slightly high and excited with the cameras and it being the 2nd last day for me. I think we were easily the noisiest crowd there. But who cares. We had fun. We can see the waiters and waitress had fun watching us making a fool of ourselves. HEHE!

Then, we walked around 1u for awhile to walk off our lunch and take some more photos. After that, of course back to office. That is where I got bombarded with lots of last minute questions from the guy (I call him puppy because he sit next to me and sharing my desk since the day he arrived from Taiwan like a lil faithful puppy!) and Merv also started to get worried.

Something that he said got me thinking because I was wondering why he is asking me all this questions that puppy should do. Turn out he is worried because they have been taking it for granted that I am here and based in the same office and it a simple matter of walking over to my cubicle if he need any information or do some brainstorming. In order word, took me for granted la! :P HAHA! But I am ok la. At least I know this people will FEEL the lost when I am not around. HEHE!

So, I sent my farewell email too already to the colleagues. Monday was emails to vendors and customers. And since Monday, been getting lots of emails, skype and calls asking me if puppy is taking over my job responsibilities, what is my role now. I think most of them expect either I got a promotion or transferred to another department especially since our co just bought over a company in Taiwan.

Some were pretty shocked when I said I resigned and last day is on 30 Sep! One vendor even go as far as asking me how come I NEVER mention to her that I am leaving. All I can say is that it is not my decision but my boss requested me not to mention anything to anyone of the vendors and customers yet till Monday. No idea why and not keen to ask as well because I might be shocked by the answer as usual.

A colleague who is the boss of the engineering department even ask if I am really leaving because he heard I resigned but thought I changed my mind because nothing seem to be different! I guess they are shocked because I still go about doing my work till well, today! But no choice. I simply cannot just let go like that la especially when I imagine my poor customers and vendors. Not to mention all the hardwork to pull in deliveries. So, while puppy work hard to download and assimilate all the information, I had to be the temporary firewall. HEHE!

YAR YAR! I am sot already with excitement! WOOHOO!!

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Rose said...

We work till the last day, last minute and second!!! :D