Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Guess what! Guess what!!! Something really exciting (and kinda scary too) happened while babe and I went to have bak kut teh for our dinner. It involves 2 big cleaver, a broom, big stone and a car! Oh, and 2 ladies! The story goes like this, babe and I were happily having our big bowl of bak kut teh at this place in Kepong called Ka Ka Bak Kut Teh (or in Mandarin it was actually Jia Jia Bak Kut Teh).

Half way through our meal, suddenly we hear this really loud honking. When we looked around, we realised that there was this red proton saga parked right in the middle of the road, blocking the other cars that is parking there from leaving. So, being the most natural reaction, the guy who is driving this old model of mercedes honked to get whoever the owner of the car to drive away. I think he must have honked for more than 15minutes and from the sound of the honking that is getting louder and longer, he is getting really impatient.

Suddenly, we hear this loud shouting from the 3rd floor of the shoplot! I think the Indian lady was shouting something about dont bug me. Go talk to the shop owner. And so on. She sound really angry and looks likes someone that has just been woken up from her sleep. That is what babe and I thought anyway, i.e. the long loud honking has woken her from a much needed sleep perhaps or a really bad day? Anyway, the car did stopped honking for a short while. Shocked from being screamed at for no apparent reason. I think he is also worried the crazy woman might just throw something down and damage his car.

But after awhile, he decided to start honking again. This time, the lady that runs the bak kut teh(BKT) shop came out and look around. She then too start shouting and this time from the road up the shop house! Apparently, the red proton saga belongs to the first lady that shouted from the 3rd floor! WOW! NOW we understand why she was shouting. The shouting match begins then and it start to escalate.

Suddenly, we saw the 3rd floor lady coming down the stairs and start to charge at the bkt lady! And to make matter even more dramatic, the bkt lady was carrying TWO big cleaver!The 3rd floor lady actually took some stick and tried to hit the bkt lady with it. I mean, this two women wa really going at it and really did seem as if they are going to hurt each other. The weirdest part it, no one except a Bangladeshie that is working there did anything at all.

By this time, the crowd has gathered, including those from a restaurant nearby! I saw the Bangladeshie made a phone call. And from the chaos, I was able to made out that he called the owner of the bkt shop. From the bits and pieces I heard, it seems that this has happened before! Anyway, after a while, the 3rd floor lady decided to go back to her place and start shouting from the balcony and have shouting match there. Some where, some how, the bkt lady decided to call the police. Shouted rather loudly and tell her kuli to call the mata (police in hokkien la).

The 3rd floor lady of course wont admit defeat. She too want to call the police. In fact, that is exactly what she did and had a loud conversation from her balcony in Manglish (Malay + English), I think for the benefit for the rest of us down here. At some point, she put down her phone and actually shouted at us, the customers and scolding us for supporting the bkt and eating there!

BKT lady got angry and started to shout at her again. And somehow, the thing got so heated that the 3rd floor lady started throwing things down from the balcony in her attempt to hit the bkt lady I guess. By this time, the cars that was being blocked by the red proton saga somehow managed to get out and move their cars away. If not, I am pretty sure those cars will have some dent by now.

Anyway, at first, she only throw those mini empty plastic flower pots. Then, suddenly as the bkt lady walk away, scolding all kinds of things at the 3rd floor lady, something really big and heavy landed at one of the table that is just 10feet away from me! Thank god the table was empty and the stone didnt hit anyone. It was actually a really big piece of broken brick! By then, people have actually left or moved table, leaving one corner of the bkt place empty.

I actually wanted to ask babe to lets go. But babe said she wont hurt anyone la. If she did, when she came down the first time, she would have went amok and hit the bkt lady with the broom or whatever she can grasp her hand on. I guess I agreed with babe on that point but sometimes when people anger boiled over, they might not know what they are doing. Anyway, we kept a pretty close eye on the 3rd floor lady to make sure that she is not throwing anything else that might hit us.

In the end, the reason for such fury was because she felt that because of the bkt doing business there, the customers are 'taking' her parking. In actual fact, since it is a shophouse, there is not reserved parking. I mean, any sane normal person would actually just move the car and parked in the space that was vacanted. No big deal right? If she wanted a reserved parking space, perhaps she should have looked for a higher end place to stay? Anyway, since I do not fully know what is going, I will reserve my judgement to myself. For all I know, something the bkt lady did previously provoked this resentment.

Babe and I certainly had some excitement and our adreneline pumping slightly. The drama and the hot bkt! What a combination :)

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