Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Double Jeopardy!

YAWN!!!! Wednesday! Thank GOD! I am starting to go out of my mind although today is just the second day of work for this week. Lots of things to do as usual. The one day yesterday actually felt like a few days. But I got 2 happy news yesterday from two different colleagues/friends.

One of the colleague in my department apparently thought I am just 27/28 instead of 32!! HAHA! Well, has been a long time since anyone think that I look younger than my age. I think it has something to do with the stress that I put myself in. (Yar, I am the one that put myself in that stress level because no matter what, emotions and feelings are determined by me la no matter what the external factor that cause it).

Back to the topic, yar, been awhile since anyone thinks that I look younger and dont believe my actual age. I remember when I was working in Kuching, in my late 20s, people always mistaken me for college students. I remember once, when I was in the airport getting ready to fly to KL to meet babe for a holiday, me with my laptop backpack, in jeans and tshirt, queuing up to board the plane. Like everyone else, we sort of feel like kindred spirit after having to wait for hours due to flight delays.

One of the lady queuing in front me with a kid chatted with me. The usual small talk between strangers, i.e. where you going? What you doing there? Where you studying or working? Although for my case, it is always where you studying.... So, when I tell them no-no, I am working and I am in my late 20s, that usually got them looking at me all over and trying to assess if I am bluffing. I will then whipped out my business card and hand it over! That was fun and good old days. So, it just goes to proof my theory, stress and demotivation makes one look older! So, cheerios people! Smile more and be energised!

The second happy news that came was from K. Apparently she was having a private chat in one of the meeting room with her superior and suddenly her boss ask her, Jen resigned? (No idea how he knew but he knew anyways). K confirmed that I hav resigned and he said 'Jen has been handling a lot of things ..and from what I know she is very efficient". WOW!! My nose grow really big with pride! HAHA! Even manager that dont deal with me at all knew that I am efficient! That really boost my confidence!

So, that was yesterday. I wonder what other good news will come my way! :P