Friday, September 4, 2009

Who loves you the most?

Got this very meaningful sms from K today. Cant help but want to share with all of you because it is so true. Hope you are all also as lucky I am

They love you but they are not your lover..
They care for you but they are not from your family..
They are ready to share your pain but they are not in your blood relation..
They are..friends!!

True friend:
Scolds like a Dad!
Cares like a Mom!
Teases like a Sister!
Irritates like a Brother!
and finally loves you more than a lover...

Do you know the relation between your two eyes?
They blink together,
move together,
see things together,
Sleep together.
Though they never see each other.
Friendship should be just like that.
Life is hell without friends.

Cherish your friends!

I am ever so lucky because I have not 1 but a few good friends! Thank you for caring, loving, sharing, teasing and irritating me! :)


RK said...

this is really true and meaningful!!

JenJen's Place said...

RK, nice hor! ^_^

Rose said...

You are most welcome! That is what friends are for!

JenJen's Place said...