Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crazy brazy arazy?

10.18am and I am done with most of my work for the day! I was actually at the office before 7.30am and started work almost immediately (almost la..make a cuppa thick coffee to jolt me awake first!). I purposely skipped my usual routine of going to the mamak for breakfast before coming in to the office because I want to catch my customer in US before they finish work for their day. And since I was already in the momentum of things, decided to complete other tasks pending for the day too. So, now, I am left hanging with nothing much to do. Guess the coffee turbo charge me more than I know it will! :P

So, now, I am sitting here, counting down to my last day. Today is 10 Sep, mean that another 20days to go out of which only 10days is actual work-day. Others are either weekend, public holidays or me clearing leave. And at the moment, still no news of the replacement. I guess next week must really start handing over and 'training' the rest of my colleagues in my department to take over my work. Hopefully, they will get someone in soon. Pity my colleagues! On top of what they need to do, now added responsibilities but not choice and this is not long term!

I am also excited about the weekend. Already thinking and planning what to cook and bake! Going to try and make the crispy rolled roast pork this Saturday. Cant resist after seeing some really fantastic photos that makes the saliva start drooling even when I just think about it now. Will make sure babe take lots and lots of photo and share it with you all. Make you guys drool too. HEHE!

Babe has also been asking how come I don't bake chocolate cake anymore. EGAD! I thought he was the one that told me dont bake. And then suddenly asked me how come I dont bake anymore. I asked him that and guess what he answered me. "Dont listen to me la" 0_0!!!!!! HAHA! MEN!!! So pretend one! Want to eat, just say la! SHEESH! So, I am planning to bake flourless chocolate cake and also if got time, the rich chocolate cake that I made that time. I have a few bars of dark chocolate and also rum & raisin dark chocolate in the fridge which I purposely bought during bargain time for baking.

Am also tempted to make chicken curry pie. Remember the apple pie that I made a few weeks back? Well babe was saying he likes the crust but not the filling since he is not a fan of baked fruits. He suggested putting canned chicken curry in the crust instead.

But I am thinking, instead of the canned chicken curry, why dont I make my own with chicken, potatoes and some leek? That should taste ok right? Or maybe I shouldnt risk it and just use the canned ones? Or maybe instead of making pie, I should make small pastry puff with the chicken curry? That would be interesting. But not sure babe will agree with me or not. I still prefer apple pie!

I was also exploring the net for making chocolate from cocoa bean at home. Blame it on Astro. I saw this cooking show on Astro Travel & Living channel 703 (cant remember the name of the show). It is the show where this guy is a chocolatier and makes his own chocolate. He actually went and buy his own whole container of cocoa bean to make high quality 100% cocoa chocolate. 100% cocoa chocolate mean that there is nothing else added to the chocolate other than cocoa, no sugar nothing. So, it does not taste like our conventional store-bought chocolate that has sugar mixed it in.

Instead of sweet, the 100% cocoa chocolate is really bitter. He was trying to promote using chocolate in cooking. Yap, not just baking but COOKING! In one of the show that I actually managed to catch, he was coating pigeon with a layer of melted 100% cocoa chocolate and wrap the chicken with streaky bacon. He then bake them in the oven! I know, the idea of chocolate, meat and bacon, weird combination!

But seriously, I think it is pretty cool and am interested to try the idea. But where in the world am I going to find 100% cocoa chocolate!? So far, the highest cocoa contain chocolate that I ever seen is 90%. And I am not so sure this will work because there will be some sweetness in the 90% cocoa chocolate and this is the not the taste that I desired to go with my meat and bacon! Sweet, bitter, meat?

ANYWAY, enough about food for now. I will definitely share photos if I do go crazy with baking and cooking this weekend! ADIOS!

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