Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The smurf-song keep playing in my head!!! I cant get it out!! ARGGH!!! It keep on going 'lalalalala' over and over and over again. If you know the smurf-song, you know how irritating this is if that is all the music that keeps on going on like a broken record and you just cant turn it off!! GGRRR! This is all my babe's fault! He was teasing one day by lala-ing the song and since then, whenever I want to lala-ing, automatically this song will pop up!

ANYWAYYYYYYYY, today is Tuesday and it will be the weekend soon! I am going on leave this Friday for the pre-employment medical check up. Been given strict instruction to start fasting from 8pm onwards. Apparently it will be a very complete check up that will start at 9am and most probably only finish around 2pm. And it is at Subang Medical Center. I was told that I must remember to bring the letter from my new company or else I will have to pay RM500+ first and claim later. DEFINITELY will make sure I remember to bring the letter. No way la, RM500! Crazy!

And then it will be the start of a long weekend since Monday and Tuesday next week is public holiday. At first, babe and I thought we should go to Cameron Highland since we never been there before. Maybe for a 2night, 3 days stay. But in the end decided to forget about it because for one thing, it will be peak season and for sure there will be surchange on top of the normal price. For another, it will definitely be super crowded! We both do not like to go for holidays at crowded places.

So, what do we do then? I am thinking of baking up a storm and babe is thinking of bbq (AGAIN!). Babe and his bbq! He is going gaga over bbq-ing. But I dont mind. It mean that I can stock up on my smoked chicken again. Good for making salad. And bbq should be healthier than deep frying right? Anyway, up to him la as long as he clean up the bbq pit and balcony after that. Me, as usual, have to wash up la, what else!

So, I am thinking of baking but not sure if I will or not because might end up being super lazy and just decided to forget it la. I still have some three-layer pork and spare ribs. So might just roast that in the microwave oven again like I did for the Special Crispy Roast Pork. I dont want to grill or roast the sparerib as I think it is tastier if can smoke it on the bbq pit! Oh well, see how la. I guess most important is have fun! :P

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