Monday, March 23, 2009

What does the dream mean?

YAWNN!! How come weekends always seem to be shorter than weekdays? Oh hang on, it is shorter, 2days vs 5days. Sigh! No wonder my brain is protesting and telling my eyes to close itself and go back to sleep! Yah, I know. I amaze myself too. Moaning and groaning about sleep when I just woke up about 1.5hours ago but cannot blame me la. Ever since moved to KL, I hardly ever sleep before 11pm. And the next day is usually wake up at 6.20am the latest. Last week was worse since my brain refuse to shutdown and rest at night. So, been having office related dreams! Luckily, some of the work stuff was settled before the weekend or else I will be having another crazy weekend.

Last night had a dream too but it was really weird. I dreamed that we came back from a trip to somewhere. We being some of my college friends and I. We went back to my old house in Kuching and somehow, the place looks so abandoned and totally different. The house actually is a double storey semi-detached house with a big glass sliding door at the side but the sliding door was missing leaving a big gap in the wall where it was suppose to be. The house was super bright though as if all the lights were turned on. Weird considering that it looks abandoned. The inside was totally empty except for some abandon furnitures, sofa and rusting stationery cycling bike (a hint from my subconscious mind to get my butt moving??).

I was really not sure why in the world did we ask the driver to drop us there. I mean, that is my OLD house and if I want to get drop off, wouldnt it be better to dropped off at the current house? And why did my friends follow me to the house and asked to be dropped off there too. To make things weirder, my parents would come in their brand new viva to pick me up. Weird because I am pretty sure that my parents would not buy viva in the real world because they already have a humagous Toyota Innova.

Anyway, I started to notice that the mist was building up outside the house. In fact, it was starting to turn into a foggy evening with the sun going down rather rapidly. I can hardly see 10feet in front of me! Of course, at that point, me in the dream realised something was not right and starting to get goosebumps and racing heart! I can feel that something bad is coming..

Then..I woke up! Phew....

I realised that whenever I have dreams about my old house, somehow, the dream will involved being supernaturally trapped in the house or the outside is spooky and eerily foggy. I dont know why this is so though. I mean, I never had any weird experience when I was staying there for more than 10years. The house was brand new when we moved in. So, there should not be any history or anything like that. We moved out of the house about- years ago to a single storey semi-detached for my parents and sis convenience. Somehow, everytime I think of my old house, I will feel a racing heart coming though.

Ok..I am freaking myself out now. I think I will stop here now and get back to my work or else I will never be able to stop thinking about that!


Rose said...

that weird dream. hahah! Me in the dream too?? I never dreamt of any supernatural thing relating to my house or parents' house, but if i do dream about houses, it would be me protecting myself and house from thieves! Something like in "Home Alone" movie!! :p

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Yap! U and Tif and KC and we looked like we are still in college! Like I said, reli weird. Giving myself goosebumps even now...

I do dream of home alone & protecting the home though but not that old house. I dreamed that in this place I am now here now with babe. Scary but that is a story for another day..