Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random-ness and Unromantic hubby!

ALAMAK! Was my last posting really last Thursday? This is going to be a short one actually... Am super busy with work and boss is asking for reports on various things. I dont mind doing it if the resources are readily available but it seems that everytime he asked for a report, I have to dig through tonnes of old emails because the person that is suppose to supply the information is not able to provide them to me...SIGH!!

It seems that I am getting lazier and lazier to update the blog especially since after I got married. Let me see, to-date, I am 2.5months married? Do I feel any different between living-in-sin and being married? Ermm..not much except now I have a legimate reason for being his next of kin! :P

Anyway, fantastic long weekend because did absolutely nothing except half day yesterday morning in the office to finish up some work. Gave babe his special present on Friday after he picked me up from work. Cant wait till Saturday, the actual day to give him the present! I think I must have really surprised him because I didnt get much reaction out of him except why get such expensive clothes for him and why get 2. 1 is enough. Err..I think next time I wont bother liaw. SIGH!!!!

And guess what he say he wanna get for me! Microwave!! It is true what they say about presents after marriage. Gifts from husband will be things for the house too! Well, ok, so I been eyeing to buy a microwave for awhile but...but...he cannot be more romantic meh?? He basically said, I will contribute RMXXX and if extra, up to you laa? ALAMAK! So the not romantic at all. Me being me, directly told him what I thought lar. Then he asked me what I want..pengsan!! No element of surprise at all! Are all husbands like that ah??

Right! As I said, short one. Just gonna share some photos of beautiful cupcakes that dad's business partners gave him when he was here last week and also the bak kut teh that we had at Klang.


Rose said...

Wow! The cupcakes are so cute! Dont feel like eating them at all.

Well, men! They change after marriage right? hehehe! But they can be romantic when u least expect them, trust me. :p

JenJen's Place said...

Yah the cupcake so cute hor? Makes me itchy wanna start baking oso! :P

HAHAHA! Yar, after marriage sure changed bcos they think oredi 'get', so no need effort liaw maybe?:P