Saturday, March 28, 2009

The dreaded d-fever?

Wow! Can't believe that I was on medical leave 3 out of 5 days last week. And the 2 remaining days, I actually only worked half day. Simply cant go on. On Wednesday night, I suddenly start to developed mild fever and by Thursday, the fever has gone pretty high. By the time babe got back and drive me to clinic, the doc recorded fever at 38~39 degrees and I was practically shivering. The body was aching especially the back it felt as if it is going to break. The head was pounding so hard that my eyes were actually in pain too.

The doc start to get worried because there were not reason for the sudden fever and decided to put me on alert of dengue fever. Told me to come back on Saturday for blood test. And to be sure that it is not some mysterious infection that looks like dengue fever, he gave me some super strong antibiotics with strict instruction to take it at the exact same time for the next three days. Also gave me ponstan for the bodyache (or I should say bone ache!) and headache. He also told me to continue taking the paracetamol (or panadol) for the fever.

Also gave me actacid pills because at that point, with my lost in appetite, my gastric problem is manifesting itself again. For the last few days, been drinking milo and eating plain white bread. Even having to force myself to finish 2 slices of white bread so that I can have the medicine without gastric. Even babe noticed how little food I am taking. I am telling you, this is when I know that I am seriously sick!

Anyway, went home, took everything one-go at around 8pm-ish and snuggle under 2 thick blankets in the living room. The blankets was not much help because I was still shivering with cold but I can feel my head, breath and mouth burning. I only felt slightly better after a couple of hours with the wet towels over my head. I really start to get worried at around 11pm-ish when I start to sweat like crazy. Definitely sympthoms of dengue fever!

To make matter worse, my right eyes start to swell up like the goldfish! It seems that I am allergic to one of the medicine that the doc gave. Seriously suspected ponstan. By midnight, no other choice than to swallow one of the allergic pills that I keep with me in my purse at all time. Yar, I have problem with some medication and seafood. And last year, realised that I am super sensitive to cat's fur too. So, yah, the allergic pills go everywhere with me.

The night was really horrible for me and it is a good thing that I decided to sleep in the living room instead of bedroom with babe or else he for sure will not be getting any sleep. I was awake half the night running to the loo, suffering from diarrhea and nausea. The other half of the night, I was either shivering under 2 layers of blankets or throwing everything off sweating like crazy! By the time babe is awake, I know I must looked really bad because babe looks relunctant to go to work.

Friday, sleep almost the whole day. No food and I am force feeding myself as much liquid as possible. Took paracetamol to ward off the fever and go back to sleep. I cannot even bring myself to think or worry about work. All I want to do is sleep. The whole day too, the chills and sweat cycle continue. Then suddenly, at around 6pm, it seems that it is all over. I can even get up to clean the dishes which is left piling up everywhere! (felt like kicking babe for this..can I??)

Well, today is Saturday and I am actually feeling alot better. No more headache or fever. No more diarrhea or nausea. Minimal bodyache and some of the appetite has returned. Actually ate some fried bihun and told babe that I want to go out for a walk today. I am still sweating but no more chills. Drinking plenty of water. We decided to hold off blood test for another day to see if it is really just really viral infection because I read somewhere that dengue fever will subside on day 3-4 and then come back with vengence with rashes all over the body. So, if tonight, thing turn for the worse, then, tomorrow will be doctor and admission to hospital?? SIGH!!!

p/s: Friends (you know who you are), thanks for your concern! I am definitely feeling the love here and really appreciate if especially since I am so far away from my mom & dad. Didnt tell my parents about any of this since I dont want to worry them. Mom & Dad might actually take the next flight here if there knew! *Sniff sniff*


Ching Ching said...

Wa... Dengue ar? Take care, babe. I was not online for the whole week. Hope you are recovering.

Sumuk said...

maybe it's a bit late to tell you, but whenever one of my family members got high fever, we will take lots of 'air buah kembang semangkuk' in order to avoid taking paracetamol. normally the high fever can subside within 3 days, and fasten by a wet towel. it always work. my last high fever was 3 years ago, thank God for that.

U know what u need to do if the fever doesnt go away ya. Hope for your speedy recovery and take care!

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Chingx2,
It is Sunday now and no sign of the fever or any other symptom. So maybe it is just some kind of virus infection?

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Sumuk,
What is 'air buah kembang semangkuk'?????

Rose said...

Jen, glad that you are feeling better now!! Yeah, am sure ur parents will take the next available flight to see you! :p

headsteadi said...

kasian ... hope ur ok now.

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Glad to be ok too or else I think the big big big panda at home cannot survive lar..or rather, the apt wont be able to survive it!!!

JenJen's Place said...

No need kesian liaw. Oredi ok. Just thanking God that it is not dengue or else might be blogging from the hospital??? :P