Friday, March 13, 2009

Think Positive!!!

Looks like my prediction is wrong. I was saying before I went back to Kuching end of last year that I can predict that I will be so free for the first quarter of 2009 because of the economic slowdown. But it seems that some company are still gungho and running at full steam. Not only is our vendor fab is so full that the current queue is almost two months, our customers keep issuing orders and pushing so hard to get everything shipped earlier.

On top of that, were also preparing last minute reports for bosses which are ALL urgent! To make matter worse, in order to complete the report, need to trace back the customers and vendors invoices one by one. Silly? Yar, I agree but what to do. Our Finance department cannot handle the complexity or rather, they say their system cannot handle it! So, end up, I was requested to do and the person in charge of this now lor.

And now I am sitting at my office desk, still doing work. Still chasing for items and going bonkers. I think I must looked super tired because one of the colleague offered to get me redbull a few times! :P He say first time see my eyes so tired with bags! SIGH! What to do? I am worried about my work until at night also I was still trying to figure out how to complete the required reports in the shortest time and without any errors!

To be frank (as I frankly told my boss also during our 1-to-1 performance review), I didn't realised that this would be my jobscope and hence, I have not make much preparation for it. However, since he officially told me that this is the additional added responsibilities which is under 'any other responsibilities that the company assigned'. Hence, no systems or database, mean that I will need to create the database and the system (and this is related to revenue and profit margin!!! hahaha! So you can see why I say I dont expect it to be in the jobscope of a business planner in a semiconductor company).

Anyway, since I am now responsible for this, I will do the best that I can to make my own life easier. Right now, as I said, it is purely manual and digging from invoices and typing in manually from the beginning. I am hoping that eventually I build up the database current enough that I will just have to update any new invoices or orders that we received. And guess what, if I am able to get what I want, i.e. make the stupid new software that they just purchase works properly, the database & system that I have created might be obsolete in a year! Good because it means that I dont have to be the data entry clerk anymore but bad because my hardwork basically goes down the drain.

Having said that, I rather I am in control in such a way that when boss ask for any reports, I do not have to rely on Finance to provide them to me. After all, what is the point. They will just say too complex and they dont understand. I can write here and grumble about how irresponsible someone is but that would mean this will be one of those super super super long posting! I think I will just look at the positive side of things and take this as something to learn from!

KUDOS people! HUGS!! Have a GREAT WEEKEND! :)


Sumuk said...

haha.. remind me of the time when my manager was fighting with the account/finance department over similar report, where he was keeping track of the invoices manually (thru MS Excel) and the Finance dept was using the latest UBS software, but unable to produce proper report. Instead, the accountant ask the report from our manager, so that they wont make mistakes. Of course la the manager jump up through the roof. His tracking was his own initiative, and advice them better to throw away their UBS. Haha! Red face I tell you. Now they never dare to come close anymore. Sigh.. Some people just take the easy way out.

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Sumuk,
Our finance is ALSO using the STUPID UBS system. Cannot understand how come the person that purchased it in the first place do not have the foresight that the organisation is going to be too big to use that simple software. And to make matter worse, the new software that they just bought feels like an upgrade version of UBS but with different name! I can foresee if they dont set up the backbone of this properly, everything will crumble and I will be the slave again..damn..which my boss will be like urs and scream @ them too.