Monday, March 16, 2009


Can people get sick just by thinking about work too much? SIGH!! I am NOT looking forward to this week. Except for this Friday, Monday to Thursday are all packed. Monday is bad because there are so so so so many reports due and pending items from last week to follow up on. Tues to Wed is internal audit which out of the 10 audit that is scheduled, 6 of them involved me! So, you can imagine me going berserk just thinking about it!

Right now, I am having sorethroat, stuffy nose and a headache. Yah, headache at 8.04am and the real work has not even started yet. Just going through my action items for today and writing them down is giving me a headache. Or maybe it is the flu doing all this? Am so tempted to take MC and go home after lunch later. Assuming that I can finish my work by then of course! DARN!

Sometimes I feel so sick of this that I am even daydreaming about the day I strike the lottery and become instant millionaire. Then, I will really just up & quit on the same day itself! Or maybe I wont do that being a nice girl and all that. I should be nice and not burn my bridges. After all, you never know what will happen in the future. The person you choose to bark at now might be the one that you beg for help in the future. So, perhaps, a week notice then? OK OK..tto early for daydreaming.

On a more serious note. Babe took the car to change the timing belt on Saturday. He went straigth from work and pick up his buddy to go to the mechanic together. I decided last week before the weekend that no point for him to come home and then go all the way to the other side to pick up his buddy. After all, what am I going to do sitting at the mechanic shop for hours? Yarp, literally hours! They were there at around 2pm and only finished at around 6pm. He only reached home at around 7pm.

Guess how much was the total damage? RM840! Yap! Other than timing belt, they also change the aircon filter or something like that and the water pump. Of course, there were the small small things that needed to be changed with the timing belt as well. Cant remember the details but only know the bottomline is that RM840 flew into the sky. Somehow, I am not too surprised. It seems that everytime we do anything to the car, it will be a minimum of RM500! Even simple periodical servicing to change the engine oil will end up to changing a few other stuff.

But luckily, the mechanics says the new timing belt should be able to last 2-3years before the next change. And the car definitely felt more powerful and nicer to drive. The engine is not as loud and the stering wheel seems smoother (they change the power stering something..). Hopefully when the next oil change is due, it will just be changing that and paying for the service which should not be more than RM200!

8.17am, I better get back to my work. Need to update the weekly report!


headsteadi said...

those symptoms sounds like stress to me.

RM800 for your car is quite common. Korean cars are quite high on maintenance esp on parts. My normal service cause between RM350 to RM600. Major service is around RM800 to RM1K.

Tip for you, switch to fully synthetic oil which require service every 10K km or 5-6 mths whichever comes first. In the long run, saves $$$ in your pocket because you don't have to regularly visit the service center.

Rose said...

Hope you are okay my dear. better take mc, dont stress yourself too much!!

Yeah, car is liability, not an asset. Keep paying for its maintenance throughout its lifespan, and some more after many years, its value depreciate! Sigh!!

Wonderful Life said...

Hope you're feeling much better now.

Yeah... I also day dreamed about striking a lottery so that I could quite my job too! Hehe...

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Herman,
We have been using fully synthetic oil for awhile. Not only saving because only need to do oil change at 10,000Km but also the car perform better too:)

Sigh...maybe I should stick to local car????:P

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Cars, the moment you buy, depreciated liaw :(
So, u r right, I rather just keep the car and maintain it as needed. Use the money for other stuff.

How are you feeling? How is the lil fella in ur tummy? Still giving you sleepless night?

JenJen's Place said...

Wonderful life,
HAHAAH! I think our life dream lar tat..strike lottery!