Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taking the fish for a walk!

GOSH! I woke up this morning with pain in my bone especially when I flex my hands and fingers. I think I better get the bitter herbal tea during lunchtime later to make sure that this does not get worse. Most likely the body is too heaty and went abit crazy because of the unpredictable weather, very hot and then rain and then very hot again. Weird weather we been having and that on top of the haze that I can see from the office window. Oh, of course, durian that I had with mom last week. But frankly, I didnt really take that much. Furthermore, babe already warned, dont eat too much durian or else he wont entertain me when (notice I said when and not if) I fall sick.

It seems that no matter what I take after that to try and neutralise the affect of the durian does not work at all. I tried drinking salt water right after eating durian. Even drink the salt water right out of the durian shell but to no avail. Tried taking rhino cooling water but that too seems to have little effect. (Personally, I think rhino water is just alot of crap by very good marketeers trying to re-brand their mineral water or something). Then, of course, there is the faithful herbal tea but me being me, although the bitter herbal tea works, I wont take those bitter herbal tea until it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. (Stupid right? Should have just pinch the nose and gulp it down to avoid all this discomfort!)

Anyway, babe actually came pretty early yesterday to pick me up from work. Usually, he will take his time and leave the office closer to 6pm although he finished work at 5.30pm. That means that he will only arrived here around 6.30pm or 6.45pm depending on the traffic condition. But yesterday, he was actually here by 6.10pm. Someone was rushing to go to the aquarium shop to get a new filter pump for his koi at home! The old pump went kapoot the night before. Luckily we have a spare airpump at home and temporary feed the koi air using those. (you would think as newly weds, he would be more excited to come and pick up the wife. Instead, the wife loose out to the koi! SIGH!!!)

We went to this aquarium near our place at Bdr Sri Damansara. We sort of discovered this place during the weekend when we bring my parents and sis for a drive. And we are glad that we did because the aquarium shop sells things at a reasonable price. Also, the owners are really friendly and even remember babe's name eventhough it was only our second visit yesterday. Also, you can clearly see that the aquarium shop was not just business but rather, a hobby and passion.

If you walk slightly to the back of the shop, you will a tank with 2 huge koi in it and one koi have a slight injury on its back. Aparrently, the owner of the koi actually bring the fish to the shop to ask the shop owner for help. Yah, sort of like a hospital for fish. The shop owner said that he actually sedate the fish and take it out to put medicine directly on the wound and leave it there for 5minutes before putting the fish back to the tank again. Now, that I what I call dedication.

I mean if you see how he put his hand into the tank to pet the koi! WAH LAU! It makes me want to try and pet them too. And of course, this makes me eat my own word about not able to pet fish and bring them for walks! But I feel shivers and my hair stand up whenever I see babe feed his fishes. He would hold a few food pellets between his fingers and dip them into the aquarium slightly. Then those fishes will actually swim near and take the food from his fingers! GOSH! No wonder he is thinking of getting a bigger aquarium for them. (People say the fish growth is limited by the size of their tank).

Note to babe: NOPE! I am not buying you the 4-feet aquarium for your birthday :S


Ching Ching said...

Cold war over liao?

Rose said...

Hmm, looks like he is spending more time with his koi?? hehehe! But it is a nice hobby i guess, but costly. :0

JenJen's Place said...

Over long time oredi :P
Cannot fight long lar stay in same hse n sleep next to each other one...

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Yalor but at least it is time at home lar. So, I dun reli mind. I kinda like the Koi too :)

RaiNboW said...

Enjoy your weekend Jen!! Hugz

headsteadi said...

didn't know buj likes fish so much

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rainbow,
HUGS!!! Hope u had a great long weekend! Heard abt the 4 days force unpaid leave :(

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Herman,
His new hobby! :(