Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Under the CUACA

Sick!!! Sigh! Went home early on Monday afternoon and went to the doctor that night itself. Got MC for Tuesday and spent the whole day sleeping! Imagine, wake up @ 2pm, sleep again at 4.30pm till 6.30pm and then can sleep again at 10.30pm till 6.30am this morning. And yet, I am still sleepy. My colleagues say I looked stoned and blurred. I concur with them because I feel 'floaty' and out of this world. They keep bugging me to go back and rest. At the end, went home also la at lunch time after settling most of my stuff. Luckily have kind colleague that sent me back.

We drop by one of the kopitiam for lunch and then they drop me off before they go back to work. I slept almost immediately after that. Didn't even bother to get out of my work clothes. Just remove the essential items to get comfy and sleep right on the living room floor after putting down a thin mattress. But it seems that I woke up at every hour thinking of work and doze off again when the body protested. Finally, at 5.30pm, I cannot take it anymore and woke up to check my mails and call the vendors! So kiasu dont you think? But no choice since if I dont do, it will still be there waiting for me and become even more urgent!

Anyway, logging off now. Just log in to tell you all that I am still alive but under the weather. So, wont be blogging consistently for awhile. (Yar, as if I have been consistent for the last few weeks!).


headsteadi said...

get well soon!

Rose said...

do get well soon. You need a good rest.

JenJen's Place said...

hi Herman & Rose,