Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baking Blues and Craving

Sigh, finally decided Chap Goh Meh not going to have any gathering. Going to keep it simple and just between babe and I. Main reason was because I will be working that morning and the other reason was because I am simply too tired to even think about it! HAHA! At first we were thinking of getting the cosway multi-cooker @ RM110+ to do steamboat gathering at our place. Much easier than cooking a whole bunch of dishes like the cny eve feast. But steamboat also need preparations, go buy, clean, etc. Still need time that I might not have since I am working that morning.

So, in the end, decided that perhaps just cook simple chicken soup with mee sua or something like that. Or else we can always cook the mix pork soup with the hu pio again and eat that with bee hoon. EGAD! I just remember, I still have some laksa gravy in the fridge from the CNY Day1 mini open house. Hopefully it has not gone bad since I have not add any coconut milk to it. Me no more laksa paste at home. So, no laksa for awhile. But mom promised she will bring me some when she comes over on the 20 Feb (WOOHOO!)

Hhm, tempted to try baking some pineapple tart this weekend. I wonder if the toaster oven or rice cooker can do this. Keep of thinking of those traditional type of pineapple tart that is round with a dallop of jam on top of it. But instead of making it small like twenty cents coin, thinking of making it really big like the size of my palm! I had those a few times before when one of my ex-colleague's friend actually makes them this way for fun. Lazy way of baking but trust me, very very very tasty and satisfying especially with the super soft flaky crust and the jam that is not too sweet!

Maybe I should wait till Valentine Saturday and make them to suprise babe (assuming that it will cook in the toaster oven lar)! I think I will pan fry the flour first in oil free pan till it is cooked. Then, the toaster oven will be basically to brown them abit and to dry up the pineapple tart slightly. I think that might work! *GRIN* Dont look at me that way lar! I can almost see your one-kind-smile and wondering what is this gal doing. CNY junkfood binge not even over and she is already thinking of baking again.

Cannot blame me lar. I initially thought of getting an oven but after discussing with babe, we decided that to wait since most likely will only use the oven once in a blue moon. Instead, target to save up more to get a good high end microwave oven. The thing is, I have this baking-craving! Usually, I will bake like crazy once a year, i.e. just before CNY. But this year, the only baking I bake is melting moments aka momo aka ghee balls, no-bake cheesecake and chocolate cheesecake which was a no brainer since I use ready-mix chocolate cake from supermarket.

I didnt even make the crispy seaweed although I have the seaweed already because I can't find the popiah skin at the Jusco here. I also bought ALL the ingredient to make horlick layer cake but didnt do them in the end because there is simply not enough time. Stop shaking your head ah! I think only another baking enthusiast can understand how I feel now lor. It is an itch that need to be scratch no matter how hard one tries to ignore it, it is not possible! SIGH!

Must fast fast make babe finish the cookies and titbits at home and bring more to office to share. Then, after finish, I have excuse to bake some more! *GRIN GRIN*


Rose said...

so fast already think of Chap goh mei. i never give it a thought, working that day!

A colleagues cook a crispy seaweed cracker and bring to office! Triangle shape Popiah skin with seaweed in it! Nice cos she add some sesame in it

JenJen's Place said...

Hello my dear,
15meh is next Monday wor. Just a few days away only. Public holiday for us that Monday since Sunday is Thaipusam but I still need to come to ofis....Taiwan colleagues wanna have short discussion since there are here!

Yummy...sesame in crispy seaweed!