Friday, February 27, 2009

Wishing for a big big big big car!

As I was telling Headsteadi, I totally forgetten to ask my dad what time his flight on Monday. Just sms him and got a replied back that the flight is at 8.50pm. Mean that they need to be at the airport by 7.50pm? And we need to leave the house by 6.50pm? Still thinking how to go about doing this.

If we get a taxi to come and pick them up, not sure how much the taxi will charge and I don't feel nice about letting them go to the airport alone. I rather send them and help them check in together. Not nice bah to let 2 old people and my sis in the wheelchair to go airport on their own and the wrestle with the bags once at the airport. They have at least 3 bags on wheels, 1 box small box and perhaps another box. That plus the wheelchair! I am thinking again, this wont fit into my car lar. Time like this, I wish I have something big like the Estima or Innova!

Alternatively, we can call for the my usual taxi uncle and we travel to KLIA in 2 cars. Of course, this mean that babe MUST come back on time on Monday and be home by 6.30pm the latest. Hard to predict and very risky because one thing I learned since I moved here is that the traffic is very unpredictable. Haiyaaaaaa...why they book flight on Monday one!


headsteadi said...

the answer is very simple. cos' they still want to spend as much weekends as possible with you and bujang.

weekdays flights are cheaper as well ...

JenJen's Place said...

Headsteadi (hope I dun call u this the next time we have our gatherings instead of ur real name! :P),

Most likely it was bcos wkday flight is cheaper since my bro is the one that booked for them.