Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fishes Nemo Fishes Nemo

This posting is babe's special request (more like demanded lar) that I upload his new aquarium photos with the guppies that we recently acquired. We bought the 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 aquarium from a shop at the Old Klang Road two weekends ago. The whole aquarium set with the stand and top cover, light and pump comes up to about RM180-200.

And yes, we still have the other aquarium with the mixed koi in it and yes, both are in our tiny apartment living room. So far, I think we must have spent more than RM500 just on aquarium and another few hundred on the fishes and accessories. I dont really mind them lar because they are pretty and there were even baby guppies. Last night, babe even managed to get the koi to eat from his fingers (UGH!). But I really dislike cleaning fish tanks lar!!!

Actually, that was one of the condition that I set with babe when he decided to get his first aquarium, i.e. he will clean the fish tanks and take care of it himself. I will not help him clean it or anything lar. But me being the softhearted idiot, of course cannot just sit there and let him do it alone when he actually cleans it! Haiyaaa..so end up, when he decided that his fishes need a major cleaning up job, I will also be busy with him! HMMPF!

Anyway, enough of my rambling. The photos:


Rose said...

Nice aquarium

headsteadi said...

if you go back for long holiday how?

JenJen's Place said...

Thanks but this is beginning of a never ending story. Now he is talking about 3-4feet aquarium. I told him no way!

JenJen's Place said...

We saw those autofeed machine. :)