Friday, February 13, 2009

Why I Hate Valentine's Day

Am I or am I not? Maybe yes but then again, maybe not? But then how can that happened? So sure it wont happen but now it seem it might. Shall I test it out now or next week? Any point to do it now? Am I confusing you? Nope, not going to tell you what it is until I am sure about it myself. No point telling the whole world and then it didn't happen right? After all, if it is true, everyone will know pretty soon enough! Oh, I am confusing you further? GOOD! Friday mar, good to be abit crazy!

By the way, for those of you that have been living under the coconut shell, tomorrow is VALENTINE's DAY! Although I seriously do not know what the big deal is about. I understand that tomorrow is actually a day for lovers to show each other their love or so call reaffirm their love for each other..but..but...aint we suppose to be doing that everyday? Remember the song "If tomorrow never come'? We are suppose to live each day as if there will not a tomorrow and tell the people that we love how much they mean to us!

So, why in the world need to go for super duper hiked up expensive dinner? Noticed that even the places that you will usually go to for a more expensive meal has become even more expensive just because there is a tag that says: VALENTINE SPECIAL. The menu will of course unavoidably be something like this: Starter: Lighting the Passion (which turn out to be fruit or vegetable salad with strawberries?) and Dessert: Love Boat (which of course will turn out to be ONE plate of banana split ice cream?).

I tell you, I really must 'kawtow' (bow) to the creative marketeers that initially comes up with this idea of commercialising Valentine's Day. I mean, can you imagine the marketeers waking up one day and decided, 'Hei! Why don't we rip off the vulnerable guys by telling the girls that if the guys don't get them flowers, chocolate, presents and expensive dinner on Valentine's Day, their husband/boyfriend do not love them' And WHAM!!! the culture of giving flowers and chocolate is created!

Yar, I think you can see that I really dislike the commercialised meaning of Valentine's Day. It does not mean that I dont think you should celebrate the love but rather, I believe there are ways of doing it. Yes, it is good to have a day to remind everyone to cherish the people that their love for in this hectic world, people tend to forget and take things for granted. It does not matter what you give to the person that you love as long as it is given with the heart and not just following the trend. What is the point of doing what everyone else is doing? If that is the case, then it is no longer special right?


Rose said...

Everyday should be valentine's Day!! :)

headsteadi said...

sure or not you hate? then bujang's chair you give me lah ..

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Yar! Everyday shud be a valentine :)

JenJen's Place said...

WAHAAHAH! That is just an excuse lar and say it is valentine gift. I would have bought for him regardless lar since it was on promotion! :P