Thursday, February 5, 2009

Secret Society & Gossip

Dunno what to write about today. All I know is I am so so so so sleepy. Our apartment for the last few nights was super cold. Imagine babe using blanket in the living room while watching Astro. And although we slept so early last night, around 10.30pm, we still feel so hard to wake up this morning. Been like this the last few mornings, so tired and still sleepy. Cant wait till the weekend is here and then we can wake up at anytime we want. Of course, somehow, when weekends are actually here, we just dont feel like sleeping! Human! Never satisfied!

Anyway, I am not sure I am allowed to say this but yesterday, I joined a secret society! I can't say too much about it because if I do, I think the other members will most likely send me to exile or worse, have me executed! Suffice to say that I will fourfold whatever I put in if I managed to lost the most! Am I confusing you? I think this secret society might work provided that all the members are dedicated and ensure that the secrecy is maintained!

After all, it is not easy to all the members having the exact same goal to gain and lost! If this works, at the end of six months, some of us would have gain and lost alot at the same time! (ppstt.. I know I will be the one!! CONFIDENT!! HAHAHA)WAHAHAHA! I think I just made you even more curious. I better not say more or else I will get plenty of msg or bribe:P (p/s: I can be bought!! HAHAHA)

Anyway, because of this secret society and pact, I think I will put my new dress and blouse onhold!!! I saw this dress at Blook when we went there with a colleague. Simply cant get it out of my mind. And there is this blouse that looks simply adorable. Ooo..and also this super blood red tube that I know will makes my *ahem* assets look even more enchanting! I think the dress might look good too because it is the kind that ..oops..errmm..again, enhance certain part of the body :P (SK, I know you are laughing your head off when you read this and wondering if it is possible to further enhance that part!!)

I think I better change the topic before someone start drooling all over the keyboard while imagining! Went to Canton-i for lunch with T yesterday. We ordered noodles with goose leg and a plate of crispy pork to share. And also a pot of chinese tea called pu-er to share too. As usual, after not seeing each other for so long, we have lots of things to catch up on. T and I have been friends forever! So, naturally, we talked about almost anything under the sun.

One of the topic yesterday inevietable turn to the economic situation now and naturally, it turned to our jobs, past and present and well as our bosses, also past and present. Sigh!! This is what people call a small world because after a gossiping, I suddenly realised that my boss is actually sitting 2 tables away from me with 2 of his friends! Shit!! EGAD!! DAMN! LOL! Plenty of unnecessary words came to my mind at the time. Thank god that we didnt talk too much about him or said his name at all.

Come to think of it, I think T talked more about her past bosses while I commented and said, yah, same as mine! LOL! I also said something like: 'While I think he is the nicest guy and have good intention, I do not agree with the way he discipline us!' So, even if he heard it, I doubt it will be too damaging right? This sure teach me not to gossip about people in public places. OR if want to gossip, look front-left-back-right to make sure the person you talking about is not nearby or within hearing distance!

By the way, we end up paying about RM30 each for our lunch @ Canton-i. I think T and I both agreed that the food was not as great as the praises we heard about it. Or maybe because we ordered the wrong stuff?


headsteadi said...

diet gang? yoga gang? gym gang?

JenJen's Place said...

HAHAH! I am not telling :X