Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My day so far...

Ok...more sober now after having my first cup of coffee today. I reached office just around 7am today. Yar, earlier than usual since babe need to go for his 2-days training. He need to register himself by 8.15am and according to him, the drive will take more than an hour because he will be using LDP. Since we are not sure of the road condition, he decided to go early.

Pretty surprised that I am feeling ok now because right after lunch yesterday, I was actually feeling off and keep on feel like vomitting! Of course, the moment I mentioned this to my colleagues and friends, they will say, you are pregnant? Sheesh! Can I not be sick and feeling queesy without being pregnant? It seems that people always assumed once you are married, the next step is to have babies immediately. Haiyaa...babe and I am not planning one so soon lar. Economy situation like this, dont even know if our jobs are still here end of the year, how can have babies?

Nah, so babies need to wait till next year or something like that. I know I know..some of you are thinking, 'Jenjen, you are not getting any younger you know?' Of course I know that but that does not mean I will bring a child into the world without knowing how we will be able to support him/her and give him/her the best! Anyways, babe and I still want to enjoy our 2-person world. Better enjoyed it now or else the moment we have kids, go anywhere also difficult! Still have alot of places to go and things to see neh!


Ok! Stomach starting to feel weird again. This morning itself after 1 mouth of cheesecake and I go 'woo..' because my stomach and threatening to turn inside out. Luckily, lunch has already decided to go light and have salad and fruits. Then followed my colleagues to mamak and I drink ice lemon tea while they have their lunch. Enjoyed chatting with them but with each moment passing, I grow more and more restless. I think it is because my stomach is threatening to lurch again! I wonder if I am getting stomach bug or something...sheesh

I really hope the meeting at 6pm today is cancelled. I dont think I can last till 7pm and not get really sick. I know I should go see the doctor yesterday but the thing is, after I got home and lie down for awhile, I am perfectly ok. After work, babe picked me up and then we went for dinner at a nearby coffeeshop. He ate economy rice while I pick at my food. Then we went home. I picked up all the cups laying around in the living room and dining area, clean the sink and took out pork to defrost for tomorrow dinner.

Then, I rested for a while on the living room floor. Around 9pm, suddenly feel hungry and perfectly alright again. So, we had softboil eggs. I took 2 with 2 slices of bread and he took 3 eggs. I was perfectly fine after that actually. Then this morning, again, I am actually feeling alot better and residue of the upset tummy from yesterday at all! But now, it seem to be progressing worse and worse. I can feel cold sweat coming from my forehead and to put it in simple language, STONED! So, Yap, I hope no meeting at 6pm later or else I might make a mess???

p/s: NOPE! I am NOT pregnant ok!


headsteadi said...

The symptoms shows you have windy stomach caused by gastric. A week of festive, eat-sleep-eat-sleep and now you're back to work routine, body need to readjust again. Take the gastric tablets to get rid of the wind ... sure ok one.

JenJen's Place said...

U r the first one to say something different to me!! I think u r rite. Gastric tablets...err..need to get from pharmacist hor?

headsteadi said...

Yep. It's either tablet or paste tube. Both are the same. The tube one taste like toothpaste but it's more effective on me.

JenJen's Place said...

hhm..must go get and keep some at home..